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For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth...

By DocMike

When I was a child, I was taught that the bible-god was loving and caring. All the stories I heard in church and in Sunday School seemed to prove this. But when I got a little older and started reading the myself, I found him to be a very different "person."

The god described in the is angry, vindictive, jealous, and has a lot of other negative human emotions that I would never have attributed to the "" of my childhood. He reminded me of other gods I had learned about from Greek and Egyptian mythology.

Even if he were real, why would anyone want to worship such a sadistic bastard? To me, it was obvious that it was all a farce, that the bible-god was created by men to control other men. I mean, why would the creator of the universe be so "human?" Why would he make mistakes and regret things and change his mind and torture and kill those who wouldn't worship him?

And then I thought, even if he were real, why would anyone want to worship such a sadistic bastard? He was like some crazy, angry, old man who would throw temper tantrums when things didn't go his way. The difference was, he had super powers and could hurt and kill people with a single word. I thought, if my family knew a man like this, they would never let me go near him!

And that was when I became an ...


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