My open campaign against the Christian Right

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By Virginia

I submitted an article about quitting Christianity to last August after a 23-year-ambivalent relationship.

This year I took on a special course -- to lead a civic campaign against the religious right in our city.

Our society is recently caught up in arguments because of a proposed amendment and review of two legislations:
  1. One is to extend protection from domestic violence to include divorced couples, non-wed couples, extended families, and of course gay pairs
  2. The other is on the Control of Obscene and Indecent Article Ordinance (COIAO) -- one that classify materials that may depict sex/violence on publications

The Religious Right here demands the extension of COIAO for censoring “speech” or “article” that “instigate and advocate” abortion, prostitution, criminal act and terrorism, etc.

A pamphlet circulated among conservative Christian groups in Hong Kong asks all Christians to support a stricter definition of “offensive” and “obscene” articles by signing up for a one-person, one-letter petition:

- article that contain partial or full nudity of children and youth
- article with sex as its main theme, support or promote sex
- exploit children or youth
- article that contains sexual violence or forces others to participate in sexual act, regardless of the threat to their lives.
- sexual act with dead body
- article that contains urine or feces that humiliate others or draws association with sexual act.
- sex with animal
- article that instigates abortion or miscarriage
- article that advocates or encourages criminal act or terrorism
- article that depicts acts against nature and humanity on ones' body
- information and advertisement on prostitution, brothels and
- pornographic websites and DVDs should be classified as indecent.

A more detailed coverage of the issues can be found here:

I now become the co-convener of a Facebook group the swell to over 1000 people in three days.

I will be the spokesperson with the founder of the Facebook group (a senior high school boy) and the group will organize a rally to say "no" to the religious right on 15-Feb-2009 (if all goes well).

I will reply to this articles comment by giving you the Facebook group name.

Towards the end I share with you an animation satire against Christians who banned books describing incest, but their own Bible described incest in explicit details --

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