Lost or Found?

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By Seage VT

I just needed to tell someone.

I'm not Christian. My family is. My ex-fiance was. My best friend was.

I am not.

But I understand that there are people who need to think that they don't have control over their lives. People who need to bury their heads in the sand, who can't just take what happens as exactly what it is. People who can't accept that death, is death. You just....die.

Jesus was a con-artist and "god" doesn't exist. Religion has weakened us. It's made the human race become a shallow, weak child, hiding our faces from one another. I would say what everyone else would day "Perhaps it is in human nature to hide our heads in the sand, to deny what is," but if that is true, then what of us few who do see? Are we an alienated group of individuals, lost in our own minds? Does it make us crazy for not being like them? Then lock me up, throw the key down into a well of "holy" water, because I know what i see and I refuse to be like the rest. I refuse to blindly follow a work of fiction telling us to resist the most human of urges. I refuse to pray every night to a cruel, invisible "man" who is supposedly listening to every word I say, yet at night I'm suppose to tell him things he "already knows"?

Jesus was a con-artist and "god" doesn't exist.

Religion serves it's purpose, and those of us who do see, the few of us who know the truth... we will survive. We will slip through the shadows, we will whisper in untouched ears, we will twist our "devilish" tongues around the taste of truth, and we will live.

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