Have I got a Deal for you!

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By Neal Stone

Are you looking for a great deal? Want to change your life forever? Then come down to Neal's Used Car Emporium and check out our super lineup of Crhistler Cars. Such as the ever reliable BY BLE. The BY BLE will change your life forever. What ever your heart desires, what ever your situation the BY BLE is the car for you. It not only comes with a lifetime guarantee, but is totally FREE! That's right I said FREE! This car can be yours at no cost to you. So come on down to Neal's used Car Emporium today and get your life going!

Later that day...

Neal: Why it looks like we have a customer. Welcome son and how can I help you?

Customer: Well I saw the ad and I want a BY BLE. Is it really free?

Neal: Why yes it is and it will change your life forever. And you don't have to do a thing but just ask. And the best part is there are no catches or conditions. Just come as you are.

Customer: Really?! How so?

Neal: Why it will make you feel better, make your life totally worth living for. It is so advanced in can solve all of your problems and resolve your sins. And you don't have to do anything to receive this gift.

Customer? My sins?

Neal: Yeah all those bad things you have done, will be gone forever.

Customer: Great. I want one!

Neal: Sure, just go over to that man and tell him you want one.

Customer: The guy in the robes? Ok.

Customer walks up to the Robe Guy and says “Can I have a BY BLE?”.

Robe Guy: Sure, just stand up here and tell everyone you have accepted my gift to you.

Customer: Why? I thought I didn't have to do anything but ask?

Robe Guy: Well...if you deny me then I have to deny you the gift, but if you acknowledge me before men, then I will let you have the BY BLE. Free of course.

Customer: Well...fine, ok.

Customer steps up on a stage and announces he has received a free gift.

Neal: All right son! Ok here are the keys. But there are a few things we must go over.

Customer: Ok, like what?

Neal: First off here is the manual. You must read it, memorize it and apply each day every day. You must fund a local club of BY BLE owners and join up. This way you can learn even more about how to drive the BY BLE. You can only go down the straight and narrow road as the BY BLE won't work on any other road, plus we don't want you to get lost. The Robe Guy will guide so only listen to him and his appointed guides. Do not listen to your own ideas or stray or you will be lost forever.

Neal: Oh and one more thing!

Customer: Ok, what?

Neal: The BY BLE will cost 10 percent of your income to operate and we will need your help on weekends and evenings to keep the clubs going and build more. Oh and you msut leave behind all others to drive the BY BLE. Can't have you distracted by friends and family now can we?

Customer: But I thought it was free with no catches or conditions.

Neal: It is, sign right here...

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