An Easter reflection

By Wendy

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I went to church this Easter. I did it because my entire family was going and I didn't want to upset anyone. I expected the regular sermon about Jesus being crucified, resurrecting, etc.

As I walked into the gospel church, I almost thought I was walking into a fashion show! Everyone had their most expensive Gucci suits and Prada bags and shoes. I was willing to brush this off. Then, there was an impressive light show with the choir -- fancy flood and theater lights lit the stage in the building that holds 2500 people. I wondered how much money went into that and where the money was coming from. Then I found out the source: the choir leader went on for 15 minutes on why we should give money. She ended her little speech with, "Don't you dare leave here without giving anything! Your money is a seed for growth. If you have to, ask your neighbor for a quarter and pay them back later!"

I didn't give anything.

This kind of crap really upsets me.

The sermon didn't even make sense. The pastor was going on and on about Jesus dying and having to resurrect in order to save us. The more he talked, the less he answered questions I have:
  • Why is sin so bad anyway?
  • Do I really deserve to burn in hell for having premarital sex or for coveting what my neighbor has?
  • Why did God create us with curiosity then?
  • Why did he create the serpent that approached Eve?
  • On that note, why did God lie to Adam and Eve and tell them they would die if they ate from the tree of knowledge? The only thing the serpent did was tell them the truth God had lied to them, so why is the serpent always badmouthed?

I went a little off the topic there. But anyway, I concluded that I would have rather spent Easter celebrating Easter, not passover. Easter, by the way, is derived from a Pagan celebration after the Spring Equinox.

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