It's just not God's Will

By Neal Stone

We've all heard it before. We prayed for a miracle and no answer. We are often told that if God doesn't provide an answer then it must not be his will. This is nothing but a sorry excuse. I have spent 20 plus years trusting in God and assuming that it wasn't his will when he didn't answer.

Constantly being told I didn't have enough faith or I needed to pray/read the Bible more. Or maybe it wasn't his will.

Let's take this and apply to everyday life.

Hi mom, what's for dinner. I'm sorry my children, it's not my will to make dinner today.

Hello 911, I need help! I'm sorry sir, it's not our will to help you at this time. Please keep trying though in case we decide to answer your call.

Hello, this is the power company, we haven't received payment for last months bill. That's because it's not my will to pay you.

Help me sir, my son has wandered off can you help me find him? I'm sorry mam, it's not my will to find him. In fact it's my will he remains lost.

One of my jobs at work is running a help desk assisting my co-workers with the computer/phone issues. Let's see what happens if I apply the above excuse.

Hello, Help Desk. Yes, my computer is down and I need to have this report in by 4pm today and it's 3:45 now. I'm sorry, it's not my will to help you today. Just read the manual more and keep trying.

Yeah, I wonder how long I would be employed if i tried that. Do you think my boss would put up with this for 20 plus years? I doubt I would last 20 minutes.

I am sure you could come up with a ton of examples like the ones above. But I think you can see how stupid this excuse is. That's all it is, an excuse.

Now if someone was being greedy and praying to win the lottery, OK, I could see not answering. But what then of those with children who are starving? Why doesn't he answer? Oh that's right, God has his reasons/works in mysterious ways blah, blah blah...

A long time ago I kept accepting these excuses for God till I woke up. I fired God a long time ago and haven't turned back.

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