Bullshit with Christopher Hitchens

Penn & Teller's "Bullshit - Holier Than Thou With Christopher Hitchens."

To most of the world, highly revered figures such as Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama are larger-than-life symbols of love, peace and charity. But how much of our perception of "sainthood" is built on hype and not facts? This clip reveals the dark side of the so-called enlightened ones and delves into why we're so susceptible to buying into their bullshit.


Fretbuzz said...

As entertainingly "Michael-Moorish" this clip might be, it unfortunately strikes me as BS. The salient point seems to be that the hosts actually expect to find a perfect person behind the image - as people have done to Jesus, Buddah etc. It might be heretical, but I actually forgive Ghandhi for racist attitudes, and Mother Theresa for botched character judgement .. would have been good to see them active today instead of then.

I don't remember who said it, but a sage once remarked that it was necessary to cultivate a few bad habits in order to remain human. Otherwise, how the hell could the average person relate to them??

Joe B said...

Seems to me that education is doing more in India than MT ever did. As someone who outsources to Indian firms for programming and other technical services, I have to say that the work is done well. Consequence of that? They are commanding higher prices for their work. Wages in India are on the rise, and people doing the work spend the money to get their own middle-class needs met. Money isn't everything, but it gives a country resources and people, the rational beings that they are, will figure out for themselves how to live (not die) better.

Isn't the bible belt the same geographic territory that generates a lot of the rabid anti-global outsourcing types? Give money to people who are nice but who won't do the things that hurt our lifestyle. Great country, this.

TheJaytheist said...

I think that P&T were trying to show these people as human with flaws instead of someone to be worshipped. I think that they were not out to find a perfect person. I think that people are just people and that great things can be done by ungreat people. No reason to give them "sainthood" status. It makes me wonder what I, as a flawed human being, can do to make the world better.

Anonymous said...

its seems to me that knocking down heroes can be a good thing but who are you do so. it is the myth gives hope false or otherwise hope is hope. another thing also one person's hell is another person heaven besides we all are serfs its the point of view which sees from. yes it's all bullsit but prefer a sense of wonder and magic over you have believe what p&t or hitchens in fact anyone tells you mind your own business unless. its a opinion i mean no offense and i have been always been here

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