Hitchens vs. Hannity

Sean Hannity
recently attempted to match intellectual wits with author Christopher Hitchens in a debate about the existence of God. Hitchens has written a new book debunking the idea of God, entitled "God Is Not Great."

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Anonymous said...

So funny watching an idiot at work.

You laugh as you know exactly what is coming next:

"You have to believe that something came from nothing".

Anonymous said...

Hannity said, "You seem to be angry...", but Hitchens actually seemed to be completely relaxed, calm and a wonderful voice of reason. Where did Hannity find the "anger"?

Anonymous said...

It's always entertaining when a puffed up pseudo-journalist has to deal with a real one.

Hannity should stick to the Westboro Baptist Church if he wants to win arguments.

(Then again, maybe not - in strictly bible terms they've also beaten him. They've got those obnoxious verses to back themselves up!)

Notice the pathetic final cut of Hannity stating 'There is a God', when Hitchens was safely out of the way, as if that was the outcome of the argument.

ComputerGuyCJ said...

I also noticed that Hannity get the last word in, knowing that Hitchens would get cut off before he could reply, but I'll bet he didn't plan on Hitchens getting the last laugh. It's the laugh at the end that sticks with me and points out Hannity's absurdity.

Anonymous said...

Hannity is such a moron! He starts off with the argument the the universe couldn't have come from out of nowhere, but then where did god come from? Why does the universe imply a creator, but god has just always exsisted?

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