By dano

What is God? Where is God? Who is God?

Well, let me explain or define God. What I think God is. In my mind the only way I can describe God, is to call it a force. The ultimate force that caused everything. The prime mover.

Any other description in my mind would be dishonest. I could not live with myself if I recognized any other description or definition of God. Any other definition of God or description would be inadequate. Not big enough!

Now I find it very difficult to see that force as having a penis or a vagina, so I guess that rules out It as being male or female. Penises and vaginas are a rather recent adaptations to life here on earth anyway, making them irrelevant to whatever caused the big bang 5 or 6 billion years ago, and our universe may just be one of an infinite number of universes, and an infinite number of big bangs.

What amazes me is that Bible God is so obviously just a primitive attempt by early man to describe God in our image, and that this poorly constructed God has been the model for God for so long. It just flabbergasts me that men have been willing to accept such a poor example of humankind as their lord for even one year, much less 2000, and live in fear of him.

I mean give me a break! A supposedly omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent God who needs to have people sacrificed to him. How much more primitive can you get?

A God who cant even control one of his own angels. A God who hasn't given one shred of verifiable evidence to us his "Children" that he cares one twit about us. A God that says he is going to torture us forever and forever if we don't love him. And the list goes on throughout the virtual cartoon that is the Bible.

Of course what I'm saying is that Science has made Bible God obsolete. Science can explain everything Bible God did, better, and it is all verifiable, testable, repeatable,correctable, and adaptable.

So what does that leave us with to worship, just in case you need to worship something?

Nothing! Yes, nothing!

But you can have faith in, and trust in what is responsible for causing your existence, and everything else in the universe if you want, but in my estimation that force is so powerful that it doesn't need our prompting in order to do the right thing by us.

Whatever the right thing is, it will do automatically. That is why I quit praying to the ceiling and making myself crazy trying to tell "IT" what to do.

May the "Force" be with you!


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Yukkione said...

One intersting thing about "The force" is that one does not worship it, but trys to act in synconicity with it. As far as StarWars lore goes.

Bill B said...

Wow that was a great read. It was brief but said so much. There is no way any of us can rule out the possibility a force far greater than ourselves being responsible for all that is, but to say that force is the Bible God is total nonsense. The Bible God reeks of a humanlike creature with human characteristics created by humans.

I personally don't believe in an afterlife, but if there is, it will be a natural process just like birth free of jundgement by a being who will send us to a firey pit for not bowing down to him.


Anonymous said...

As a belief statement, your post was fine, but as I've often told myxian friends, " An assertion is not an arguement."

Anonymous said...

Another word I'll except for a god is "source".Force or source,it"s very clear that there is no personal god.
The ego driven needy bible god is an insult to common sense and science.--freedy

Anonymous said...

I think of God as a Source/Force of an impersonal nature. No just God would ever send people to a fiery pit, because they don't believe in it. The Christian God is far more sadistic than Idi Amin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and G.W. Bush combined. Any sensible person would question the validity of the bible.

Anonymous said...

Source God: E=M*Csquared

Anonymous said...

And you have faith that all existence, life, mind and reason itself are the result of mindless processess, even though such has never been demonstrated.

What is the Big Bang? How was life created? How come officially atheistic governments have killed more people than in all the conflicts of any kind in the last 2,500 years.

If you were honest, you would ask these questions.

If you are not, you will simply ridicule and dismiss them.

Prediction: you will choose the second path.

freethinker05 said...

Dano,that was a great post,and clear to the point.I mean,if a person would just step back away from the "bible-god" and just think to themselves,what kind of god is this that needs animals and humans burnt for him,so that he can smell the "sweet aroma"? my answer is,that he/she/it has to be a primitive imaginary god to please the savages of that time. Peace, Roger

ComputerGuyCJ said...


You say that "officially atheist" governments have committed worse atrocities. I would genuinely like to see evidence of this. Do you have any resources to cite?

Anonymous said...


I haven't posted to this site in quite some time, but your ignorance is just too loud to ignore. I'd like to try to avoid personal attacks here, so I'm just going to focus on the arguments, though I have a sneaking suspicion that you will not respond. Anyhoo:

1. It has never been demonstrated that life is the result of a MINDFUL process. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there is a creator, let alone that that creator is the Judeo-Christian God. This is why creationists must rely on negation tactics in a futile attempt to make their reidiculous viewpoint seem worthwhile - for example, you attempt (and fail) to make the argument that what you call 'mindless' processes have never takken place, and hence, the Bible MUST be true! This is a logical fallacy. and nevermind that you fail to define what a 'mindless' process is; one can only assume that you are referring to a natural process, such as the body's production of antibodies during an infection, or the birth of stars, or evolution, or the way environments change depending on the variables introduced to them (such as the extinction of an entire species of fish when an oil spill occurs at that species' breeding ground) - all of these are NATURAL processes, and they occur all the time, every second of every day. So as far as there being no evidence of a 'mindless' process, well, I'm afraid you're just wrong.

Unless, of course, you mean something else by 'mindless' process - and since you have not bothered to enlighten the rest of us as to what that is, we just may never know. How sad.

2. Answers to all of your questions can be found in various places, be they books, Internet articles, videos or magazines, by doing some simple research. Try 'Googling' the Big Bang, or 'how was life created' - the rest of us have. Do not assume that because YOU have not looked into it, the rest of us have not. Good luck on your search.

3. And which 'offically atheistic governments' would these be? I can guess that Nazi Germany is among them, even though atheism is not mentioned ONCE in conjunction with any of Hitler's policies or the policies of Nazi Germany ever collected.

So, once again, which 'offically atheistic governments' are you talking about?

And finally, please back up your sources. When someone makes fantastic claims, and then does not back them up with resources, one has little choice BUT to ridicule and dismiss the person making said fantastic claims. That would be YOU.

The following is an example of making a claim and bacing up your resources: Christians have killed more people than any other group of people in history. The following link tallies up the total:


The following link totals the number o people killed by God in the Bible:


See how easy that is? So, if you'd like to be treated like a grownup, then please, act like one and back up what you say. Thanks.

4. Indeed, honest pople ask questions. here's one you should ask yourself: why is there no evidence of a worldwide flood?

Anonymous said...

I call my self an Agnostic, because I believe it is impossible to know anything for sure about God. The only God that I feel for certain that doesn't exist is Bible God. He is too petty, mean and small. Way too human looking and acting.

Of all the thousands of descriptions and definitions of Gods put fourth around the world he is the only one that you believe in that I don't, so in effect you are an Atheist to my description of God, and I am an Atheist to yours, so we are even.

Audie said...

As I approach the end of my second year as an Ex-Xian, I can easily look back and reflect on how much I have learned and how far I have come. In reading Blair's blog, I can see where I was a few short years ago. In a nutshell, I was her. I was absolutely sure that there was a God, and Jesus was his kid. Matter of fat, I "knew" that this was true, and would argue all day about it. I too had been told the "truths" about evolution, the big-bang, and other issues that threateed the esablished doctrine. Which is probably the case with te athiest governments killing more folks than xians. I was told "facts" like that too, but never given any hard data to back it up. Either way, we all know that ore wars have ben fought in the name of religion than anything else, and that the xian church has caused more human suffering than anything else since the dawn of recorded history.

So, thank you Blair for allowing me to see where I've come from. When I read the comments by you and by the other fundy-bots that lurk here, I realize just how much I know now, as compared to how much I didn't know then.

I used to be you, but I hope that you someday become me.

Anonymous said...

Dan: Great article! The force is strong with you!

Blair: At this time, Science does not know how or where life first got started in the universe. If you want to assign God to this process, it’s ok with me.

Back on Topic: The subject of Dan’s post is why aren’t Christians ashamed, or at least worried about, the hideous behavior of the Biblical God? If you are not offended, perhaps you have not read your Bible. But, no matter, let’s start with some prime examples. Go to http://www.evilbible.com/ and just pick a few of the hundreds of examples of what God thinks is ok, that is, what he commands, allows or does himself.

If these Biblical Examples do not bother you, then I ask you this. What could the Bible-God do that would offend your sense of mercy, honor, decency or justice? If anything God (the bible-god) does is ok with you, then you have truly gone over to the dark side.

Jesus said that there will be wars and rumors of wars. As long as fundamentalists Bible-Believing Christians, Jews and Muslims continue to use the God of the Bible as their standard moral model for the world, Jesus’ prophecy will always be true. And don’t get me started on the Crusades, the Inquisitions, Church-Endorsed slavery and genocide in the New World. All of these can be and were justified by the Biblical-God’s example.

Good luck in your quest for the truth!

Anonymous said...

Because this Jesus (or a bunch of them) came along and suggested that we should discard all common sense and love everybody no matter how bad they fuck over us, and then proceeded to make a religion out of it, doesn't make it true.

Creating a religion from the Idea that we can discard our normal, natural personalities in favor of ones where our natural instincts no longer count is just plain crazy, not to mention, in a lot of cases suicidal.

We now, have a society, because of this perversion of natural laws, where everything is perverted. No one can tell the truth anymore, and as a consequence, we now have a generation of citizens, where almost no one has the capacity to recognize the truth, about anything.

Dumb people have to be called Autistic. People with bad habits have to be called sick. Any crime can be forgiven. Preachers can rape and steal because they are "not perfect," only forgiven. Child molesters are give chance after chance to reform, only to ultimately torture and kill our children.

We have institutionalized lying. Virtually everything on TV is a lie, from the commercials to the programming.

What I am saying is, we as a nation are lost. There is no one left in this country, or in most of the civilized world, to tell us what is real anymore.

The only hope is a sweeping rejection of the lie that is Christianity, and a philosophy of realism and truth telling, taking its place. IT may be too late.

Tune into a few of the Sunday morning TV preachers, and watch how people sit hypnotized by these hick preachers talking about pure bullshit, and you will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

This is the best article I've read on the political and sociological factors behind faith. Very good, everyone here should read this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
"This is the best article I've read on the political and sociological factors behind faith. Very good, everyone here should read this."

Dano replies: THANKS ANONYMOUS!!

Anonymous, I am not an educated person, but have been a skeptic most of my life (71 years)

It really bothers me, that we as a nation, have sold out to commercialism, political correctness, and hypocrisy, and because my grand children are not going to have the chance to grow up in the great nation, free from the debilitating influences of whacky, fuzzy thinking, that I did.

I have watched religious influences, dumb us down to the extent, that no one calls a spade a spade anymore, and we are loosing our skills for critical thought.

There are literally millions of Americans, now who think that 500 years of scientific investigation by some of the most intelligent men and women who ever lived is bunk, and that the Bible contains the only true facts about our existence.

Anonymous said...


Since you were once a Christian could I ask you a question, that a past Christian or an ex-Christian should know about?

What is the Gospel that the Christians or the bible has taught you while you were a Christian?

I know half of the Christians cannot even answer this quetion also.

So, what is the Christian gospel to you?

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