By dano

What is God? Where is God? Who is God?

Well, let me explain or define God. What I think God is. In my mind the only way I can describe God, is to call it a force. The ultimate force that caused everything. The prime mover.

Any other description in my mind would be dishonest. I could not live with myself if I recognized any other description or definition of God. Any other definition of God or description would be inadequate. Not big enough!

Now I find it very difficult to see that force as having a penis or a vagina, so I guess that rules out It as being male or female. Penises and vaginas are a rather recent adaptations to life here on earth anyway, making them irrelevant to whatever caused the big bang 5 or 6 billion years ago, and our universe may just be one of an infinite number of universes, and an infinite number of big bangs.

What amazes me is that Bible God is so obviously just a primitive attempt by early man to describe God in our image, and that this poorly constructed God has been the model for God for so long. It just flabbergasts me that men have been willing to accept such a poor example of humankind as their lord for even one year, much less 2000, and live in fear of him.

I mean give me a break! A supposedly omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent God who needs to have people sacrificed to him. How much more primitive can you get?

A God who cant even control one of his own angels. A God who hasn't given one shred of verifiable evidence to us his "Children" that he cares one twit about us. A God that says he is going to torture us forever and forever if we don't love him. And the list goes on throughout the virtual cartoon that is the Bible.

Of course what I'm saying is that Science has made Bible God obsolete. Science can explain everything Bible God did, better, and it is all verifiable, testable, repeatable,correctable, and adaptable.

So what does that leave us with to worship, just in case you need to worship something?

Nothing! Yes, nothing!

But you can have faith in, and trust in what is responsible for causing your existence, and everything else in the universe if you want, but in my estimation that force is so powerful that it doesn't need our prompting in order to do the right thing by us.

Whatever the right thing is, it will do automatically. That is why I quit praying to the ceiling and making myself crazy trying to tell "IT" what to do.

May the "Force" be with you!


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