The Comedy Jesus Show Turns Fundamentalist Past into Comedy

Produced by Creative Mindworks, this comedy tour features a collection of characters based on the religious past of comedian and former Phoenix native Troy Conrad. The show’s mission: to use standup, short films, animation, improvisation, along with the help of Powerpoint to illuminate the social problems caused by blind obedience to religion. With the popularity of books like Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series, and Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great, religion in America is on the forefront of the National dialogue.

“Audiences ready to laugh about the insanity that irrational beliefs have caused, and YouTube has made the show more popular,” says Troy Conrad, producer of The Comedy Jesus Show. “People are slowly waking up to the idea that they can be spiritual without religion, and use beliefs for unity and not exclusion and division. Religion has always been a divider, not a uniter. Laughter gives us power over the those divisions.”

Enter the star of the show, Jesus Christ, who appears in the show to do standup briefly before improvising answers to questions written down by the audience. Jesus is here for one reason: to set the record straight about his story. “I don’t have any ‘personal relationship’ with George W. Bush” Jesus quips, “His prayers go right into my spam folder.” Jesus also informs his audience of an interplanetary contest: “There are 20 planets just like Earth. We gave each one religion and nuclear weapons to see if they could pass the test. So far, half of them are gone, but I’m pulling for Earth to do well on ‘Last Planet Standing.’ Good luck kids.”

It’s Chappelle’s Show meets Real Time meets one-person show meets... Jesus.

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