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After putting a comedy video on MySpace, having it featured, getting over 160,000 views and then having it censored and my account closed after angry Christians demanded it be removed, I see how dangerous a deluded majority can be.

You can see it at

I've discovered that it all boils down to brain wiring: either your brain is wired to worship magic or it isn't, either it's wired to utilize logic or it isn't, either it's analytical of myths or it isn't.

I'm sure that this is the last century for religion. Science and technology is advancing too swiftly for any primitive mindset to continue. Naturally, there will always be holdouts (some people still think the moon landing was faked), but the vast majority will smarten up as technology advances... or they will destroy themselves first and the evolutionary process will begin again.

Press release:

Promo ads for "The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head," a novelty item created by filmmaker Mark Pirro, has been censored off the popular website, The toy, which made its debut in February 2007, has been sparking controversy amongst some religious communities, and was even the topic of a Reno ABC TV Web and Email poll. Pirro has been selling a steady amount of these toys, primarily through online sites like Ebay and its own website However, as the toy started gaining popularity, the number of protests began to grow. Last month, Pirro's Youtube account, which had over 90 videos was closed. Reason given? Inappropriate content. The Submissive Jesus videos were less than 3% of the videos loaded, yet they all got pulled.

On March 17th, the website put one of Pirro's Submissive Jesus ads on their front page as a featured video, attracting over 160,000 views and over 3000 comments. Many of the comments were hateful and vulgar, coming from angered 'Christians.' Many threatened to contact myspace and get the videos removed. Well yesterday, they succeeded. Pirro's videos were removed, the comments were deleted and the account was shut down. "I was stunned when I tried to log on yesterday," Pirro fumed, "I was wiped out from the myspace community, like it never existed." The Submissive Jesus website has been getting many emails from supporters expressing support and anger. One email states, "There was nothing obscene, vulgar or indecent in those videos. Who makes the decision of what stays and what goes these days?" Another email simply says, "Welcome to the future. Watch your words or you will be squashed."

Pirro has been an independent filmmaker for over 25 years. His films have always been a bit controversial; like the 1988 cult film, Curse of the Queerwolf - the story of a man who turns gay when the moon rises; and Color-Blinded, his 1998 movie about an African American woman who turns white and blonde overnight. He is currently in production on "The God Complex," a comedy re-telling of the Bible. The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head was originally produced as a product to be featured in the movie, but became so popular with family, crew and friends, that Pirro decided to turn it into a real toy.

Myspace has not commented.

"I plan on being very vocal about this!" Pirro says, "Myspace didn't have a problem with this video when they featured it on their front page. It was only after attention was really brought to it that they reacted. I'm urging all advocates of free speech to bombard myspace with calls, emails, etc. The mythical Jesus was silenced and resurrected in three days. It may take us a little longer, but Submissive Jesus will rise again!" Every generation needs a martyr.

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Anonymous said...


This video is awesome!

Anonymous said...


This is hilarious! I literally woke my wife up when I started laughing at this. God sure works in mysterious ways!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you gave them a case of dismissal with the suggestive sexual content. You *might* have gotten away with the first scene, but the one with her going down on him was simply too much. Even a non christian would find the video offensive for their children to see (I certainly wouldn't want my pre-teen to stumble across it).

Again, funny as hell, but too bad you handed them an excuse to censor/cut it.

ComputerGuyCJ said...


Now, who would find this offensive? I didn't find one offensive thing in it. ;)

Unknown said...

OFFS, I have seen so much worse than this on my space. It clearly is NOT that sexually offensive, no nudity, etc. We see more sexual content on prime time TV on a daily basis than that. This was a very funny video.

I think there is little doubt the fundies got their way once more!

The RRS (Rational Response Squad) got their blasphemy challenge videos revoked from youtube too. I'm not sure if they are back on yet, haven't been to the RRS website to see an update. What a load of BULLSHIT superstitious freaks controling what we see. I swear.

I will be glad to give my space my two cents worth of protest on this.

Anonymous said...

What's more offensive,this podcast,or the genocide and god-sanctioned torture of billions in hell?

Me thinks the latter.*freedy

Anonymous said...

Actually, this commercial is not the one that got featured on myspace. This is:

webmdave said...

I corrected the video embed, Submissive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that some of our vulnerability to myth is brain wiring but only if you mean wired after birth by experience. I was a believer for 45 years. I always wanted to utilize logic and be analytical. It is the propaganda that preachers, Sunday school teachers, youth "leaders," etc. put into my brain long after I was born that made me a believer. Your video was ok for distribution on this wonderful exchristian website. If I was still a believer the video would have outraged me and I would have reacted like 70 percent of Americans (sorry to say). I.e. "Myspace - pull the video or all 70% of us will boycott Myspace and find or create a pro-christian service instead." Myspace has no choice but to kiss the preacher's ring. Those of us who truly have a life mission to expose religion for the fraud that it is do not want to anger 70 percent of Americans. Rather, let's quietly grow the next generation to respect science, scholarly endeavors, and most importantly, fellow humans.

ComputerGuyCJ said...

what the shit? this video isn't near as questionable as the first one that was posted. myspace sux the big one.

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