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Miracles PROVE God is real

According to some, miracles PROVE that God is real.

Maybe they're right!

What do you think?

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Religion Destructor said...

Offer up some piss to Ganesh and see if he drinks that!

Anonymous said...

Nice video. I couldn't figure out how to create trackbacks, so here is is:

Rick said...

More proof that people see what they want to see. Watching the video where it showed the spoon of milk vanishing I also see the milk running down the front of the various idols/statues. Pretty obvious to me that its simple physics at work.

Frankly I think this goes to show what charlatans religious "leaders" are because they had to be aware that nothing was drinking the milk when it came time to clean up the mess of gallons of milk spilling across the floor.

Anonymous said...

I’m convinced!

One time when I was a kid, there was a blackout due to a thunderstorm! God was really angry and pitchin’ a fit! My Grandma lit these oil lamps..............and right before my very eyes God made the oil in the lamp disappear! It was a miracle! The oil did not even pool at the bottom of the lamp! So don’t tell me that this is not a sign that God wants us to believe he is real! Yashee awha dawa dopodo whea jundo maya.......................uh hum.......sorry.......had a moment there.

Is there any end to the level of absolute stupidity that demented humans will lower themselves? I know if I were a God that I would choose to prove my existence by having statues drink milk. Milk does a body good. I think this was a promotional campaign by the Indian milk industry!


Anonymous said...

The fundies I knew would claim this only proves there is a devil performing false miracles.


Rich said...

That was not a miracle -- a real miracle would be a statue eating Oreos while drinking the milk.

Ryan Scott said...

how about that self proclaimed agnostic who jumped to the ridiculous conclusion "maybe its an international conspiracy". May as well believe in God if you are going to take it that far.

Anonymous said...

Rich,....then pooping out cookies and cream?-freedy

Anonymous said...

Well I don't see who posted it but whoever you are all you have to do is show some validating evidence for the here say you posted. Fantastic tales demand fantastic evidence. I will be waiting. Well not really I have better things to do.

.:webmaster:. said...

The point of the article, anony-bot, is that people will believe the most bizarre things when it comes to religion.

Anonymous said...

The point of the article, anony-bot, is that people will believe the most bizarre things when it comes to religion.

May 29, 2007 Quoted the webmaster
Ouch! Ever try decaf?

Anonymous said...

Got BS?

eel_shepherd said...

In Canada, the same statues will only drink beer. But:
i] they always say thank you, and,
ii] they predict the scores of upcoming hockey games.