Don't think about it

By Stronger Now

It is often stated by Christians that something must have created the universe and that something is God. It seems they mean that because the universe is sooo vast and soo complex that it needed to be created by an even more complex thing. Never seems to occur to them to think that if complexity and largess require a creator then their god would also be subject to the same type of creating force that they claim the universe needs. So, why do they do this? Perhaps, it just seems unimportant to think about such things when people were going to burn in hell for not trusting the lord. That's the main thing, to trust the lord and not worry about it. "Don't worry about it" In other words: "Don't think about it". That's how I walked my walk in faith. I didn't think about things like that.

Don't think about who created God. God doesn't need a creator, he just is. And so it went. As if my brain was on a self inflicted leash. Never going too far away from the main thing, 'cause the devil was just beyond the reach of the leash. The leash kept me from doubting, which pulls me away from god. It was explained to me that if such things were really bugging me that I shouldn't worry about it because all these things will be explained in heaven. I could find all the answers I wanted, after I died.(fat lot of good that does me now) I just needed to let god lead my life. In other words : "Don't think about it".

I don't want to give the wrong impression to anyone that these types of things are what lead me to deconvert. It's just that these things were put into perspective so quickly after my deconversion that it seems silly that they didn't bother me much before. Who is gods god? Why aren't we to worship it? And who is god's god's god? As I read somewhere on the Richard Hawkins website: "It's gods all the way up and turtles all the way down."

What made god? It's a good question, a reasonable question, one that deserves a reasonable answer that doesn't lead to absurdity if we are expected to believe it and it's premise. I think that the question first leaped from my brain when I was five."If God made everything what made god?" "God always was" is the answer I received then. I didn't wonder as much about it after that. What for? I asked and received an answer. It was a failure of my five year old intellect to not grasp the trickery involved.(why no mention af Occam's razor?) So, perhaps that "leash" wasn't so self inflicted after all.

It is interesting to me that the Bible says that Christians are to be as little children and so they try to relate to a non-believer as if he/she thought as a child as well.

If well reasoned answers cannot be given by the one who claims to know THE TRUTH (tm), then they have no idea of how to determine what the truth really is. Much like a child's claim of a werewolf monster in the closet, it needs to be investigated, not frightfully believed for no other reason than a child's say so. The "monster" could just be a bad dream. Or, it may be a squirrel making a lot of noise. If the child cannot tell a dream from reality, then why should an adult who thinks as a child be trusted to have a firm grasp on what is objectively real? It may actually be a monster but not the one the child thought it was. It doesn't surprise me that most Christians think that if a god were proved that proves the Bible god. Much like a child may still believe that the monster in the closet really was a werewolf, instead of the mundane pedophile found hiding there.

I think this is the problem that a lot of the Christians that come to this site have. They never thought about the implications that their statements have. The logical problems their "answers" create, never occur to them. And why should it? Isn't it better for their faith that they behave in their thinking as they did when they were kids? Imaginary friends and absurd answers is all they seem to be able to concentrate on. I'm no mental giant myself, but I at least try to look at and understand the basic problems with a concept, even if I want to agree with that concept. I'm also not afraid to admit I could be wrong about my understanding of things. It seems that some Christians want to stop inquiry into subjects that question the tenets of their faith. As if the lack of inquiry would make what they believe to be true, actually true.

It is this type of "thinking" that the ID movement is striving for. It in essence is saying that we as humans will never understand how something could have developed, so we might as well give up and say goddidit! It undermines the future potential of human achievement. ID is just a grander version of "Don't think about it", and the proponents of it want to force it upon MY kids.

I want to think about it. I want my kids to think about it. I don't want to ever stop thinking about it. Even if I never find an answer to all of my questions, at least I'll know I did the best I could with what I have, and I didn't fool myself with childish imaginings.

"Don't worry about it", "Don't think about it" or is it just, "Don't think"?

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