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Was Jesus Gay?

From Wikipedia:
Pat Condell is an English stand up comedian and writer. He has caused controversy with outspoken monologues on YouTube denouncing religion and promoting the cause of atheism.

His 2006 stand up show ‘Faith Hope and Sanity’, subtitled ‘A Few Jokes About Religion Before It Kills Us All’, was a platform for his comedy and atheist beliefs. He said of the show "It seems to me that fundamentalist Christians, jihadist Muslims and settlement-building Jews are causing more than their share of trouble in the world. World events are being driven by people with apocalyptic delusions, while here in Britain a paralyzing liberal guilt allows religious bigots to use intimidation and violence to stamp out free speech. If you can’t get laughs out of all that, you can’t get them out of anything."

You can download an audio version of this video at


Ricky said...

Pat Condell is just brilliant. I've been following him on YouTube since I first heard of him through a previous post on this site.

Anyway, he brings up a good question - "Who would Jesus do?"

Can't spell Christ without Shit said...

Jesus said to his 12 disciples:

"I will show you the kingdom of God, and how to become fishers of men".

Then he slowly pulled down his underwear (Linen) and pulled out his _____.

Jesus was gay said...

Jesus wore a dress type robe and no underwear, he had a following of 12 men, he had long lady-like hair, he was either well hung or hung well? He was Ted Haggards hero!