Evolution's evolution

A little blast from the Daily Show's past.
The Daily Show (currently The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning American satirical television program produced by and airing on Comedy Central. The half-hour long show premiered on Monday, July 22, 1996, and was hosted by Craig Kilborn, who acted as its anchorman. In 1998, Kilborn left the show and was replaced by Jon Stewart in early 1999. -- Wikipedia
Great Moments in the Evolution Debate - The Scopes Monkey Trial
Clarence Darrow asks William Jennings Bryan if he's ever spent time with men of learning at the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Evolution's Evolution
On the final night of The Daily Show's special evolution week, Jon examines human attempts to intelligently design nature.

Evolution Schmevolution - A Heritage Tour
In the first stop on his "Evolutionary War" tour, Ed Helms visits Dayton, TN, site of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial and full-fledged anachronism.

Back in Black - Evolution, Schmevolution
Lewis Black explains how dinosaurs were perfectly equipped to hunt down and kill plants and how the Hoover Dam makes a great altar.

Recap - Evolution
Jon recaps the evolution debate and speculates on how the world is going to end.

The complete four-day Daily Show coverage of evolution was first broadcast in 2005 and is available here: "Evolution Schmevolution."

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