By Steven

What a drag. The "Hell o'days" are here and the baby Jesus (cast in authentic Chinese designer resin!) is on sale NOW at Rite Aid! Even before the post Halloween 50% off candy sale (IMPORTANT!!) was over...last years left over Xmas crap was dusted off and dragged out of the back room by miserable employees and diligently scattered around the drug store.

Overhead (by authority of The President) the torture is piped in...silent nite, away in a mangy, holly jolly Xmas...I would rather be water boarded than to hear F@%$!!#@ Jingle Bells one more time.

Years ago my pastor shocked the congregation with this statement from the pulpit...

"I see bumper stickers everywhere that read "Keep Christ in Christmas" I say leave him out of it!...Christmas is hopelessly compromised and we'd do better just to celebrate with a wonderful Winter Feast and think about the baby Jesus some other time" Needless to the old ladies were shocked.

I agree...get Christ out of Xmas, besides the Government unlawfully shuts down for Christian (ONLY!) holidays anyway. However! I think Pastor Howard was right about the Winter Feast.

As a non-religious person, I celebrate the longest night of the year with lights and candles, food and friends. It's called...

"The Winter Lights Festival"

I don't say Happy Holidays (HOLY DAYS) I say… Happy Winter Lights!

This is absolutely not related to Wicca or any other pagan crap… the longest night of the year is an astronomical phenomenon, known by humans for tens of thousands of years. It is just the position of the sun and planets… not magic.

It has always been dark and cold on that night… in the northern hemisphere. For eons, men have feasted and celebrated the coming of the light…the days begin to get longer the day after Winter Lights. Unfortunately, being ignorant, man just HAS to put some “magic” into it. No godz make the days longer, just nature. But we have always had some kind of feast at the winter solstice.

So this year I will have my Winter Lights party on Friday evening December 21.

I decorate with many candles and lights, give gifts to my friends, we have food. we party. We celebrate our friendship and remember how the truths of science have delivered us from the slavery of ignorance, religion, magick and stupidity. I live near South Lake Tahoe Nevada and if anyone wants to join me… RSVP soon! We start at sunset!

Happy Winter Lights!

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