Hell is a Mixed Message!

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If we truly love or care deeply for someone, we don't dismiss them. How could you? I do not fault people for not loving or caring for everyone. I only hold those accountable who claim to love me and don't.

To be Christ like should mean more than just words or deeds. It should mean honesty in ones actions and speech. Dishonesty is easily masked with religion. It is much like politics. Once should mean what one says and say what one means.

I think it is the one thing I have learned in my relationship....to work at being authentic and assertive. I have friends who I don't relate with as well as others. I still keep in touch. Fundamentally, I believe in keeping relationships going unless they become harmful. I am close with my brother even though we disagree on many subjects like, god, religion, politics, and gay marriage and so on. We have learned to see that these things are secondary to our love for one another and our need for relationship.

Our friendship did not come without a cost, nothing good or permanent ever does.

The Bible is a funny thing. It professes great love yet condemns those who do not believe to an eternal misery. How can one be free to love such an overwhelming threat lying over them? It is not rational. Why is it necessary to condemn people to everlasting pain for not having faith?

Another funny thing about the Bible is that is makes some things into moral causes like homosexuality or marriage. It also makes disbelief into a reason to excommunicate friends. The Bible creates many mixed messages the greatest of these is Hell.

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