You're an atheist! Why do you care?

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Greg Epstein, Harvard's Humanist Chaplain, requested feedback on his Newsweek/Washington Post/On Faith post, "Less Anti-theism, More Humanism," where he argues:

In most people’s minds, “religion” does not just stand merely for belief in an unseen, all-seeing deity with a baritone voice and a flowing beard. It stands for the things we hold most dear: family, tradition, and community. Memories of lost loved ones and consolation in the face of death. The organized pursuit of social justice. Not to mention music, art, architecture, and I could go on and on.

These things are all good. If you take a rhetorical blowtorch to religion without acknowledging the way it provides them, you get precisely what we have today: a nation and world where despite all our scientific knowledge, 80 to 90 percent of people say they are religious.

In short, Epstein seems to be against outspoken atheism. What do you think?

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