A tribute to Jerry Falwell

By Randi Rhodes

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mothpete said...

respect for the dead? No, you respect people who lived respectfully.

Jerry Falwell was a shmuck, and there'll always be plenty to replace him...

enter Kirk Cameron

Joe B said...

Sadly, the historical truth is that fear and hatred/dehumanization of the out group is a great political unifier. In historically antisemitic Russia, a common saying goes, "If there's no water in the tap, it's because the kikes drank it up." In Nazi Germany the Jews shared the blame with the Gypsies. In Falwell's twisted view, the out group is homosexuals, free thinkers, and all the other "un-American" groups he can find. Tell people that the good life is being stolen by some out group. It's the highway to political power, but in no sense is it the high ground.

To be fair to the Russian's, they also produced the poet Nekrasov, who wrote,

The heart will never learn to love
That has worn itself out in hate.

The high ground belongs to the humanist ethicists.

Joe B said...

By the way, I find it interesting that the usual group of xian commentators on this blog are silent concerning the late preacher of hate and intolerance.

Far easier to defend the long dead than the recently so, I imagine. Too much evidence remains when the church hasn't had an opportunity or ability to burn up all the incriminating evidence. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the corridors and private chambers at the Nicene conference. It's handy to forget the political legacy of the church since the 4th century.

ComputerGuyCJ said...

The fat fucker talked about spiritual mathematics. Put God first in your finances and you won't have financial problems. Fucking liar. I never contributed to Falwell's fat ass, but other similar pastors stole my money through the same deceit. I put God first in my finances for years and continued to be faithful up until the point that I had no more money to give because it was being garnished for not being able to make ends meet and pay my creditors. My mathematics always ended up with negative numbers and eventually led to bankruptcy. So much for your "solution" to my problem. Farewell, asshole! I wish I could be one of the maggots that's gonna be gnawing away at your flesh.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the comment "Putting God In Your Finanaces" was a stupid statement.

It is one of the many unrealistic comments that christians like to make.

I would rather depend on my own intelligence to handle my own finances without leaving them up to chance to some mythical invisible so called personal god.

Joe B said...


It's either a stupid statement or a damned clever one, depending on how you look at it. It works wonders if your aim is getting money from the superstitious.


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