You need a Holy Ghost Enema!

Televangelist Benny Hinn is threatening to sue the religious satire magazine The Door for the video clip it is distributing that shows Hinn's wife, Suzanne, preaching at their former church in Orlando, Florida. She says if you're a lifeless, blackslidden Christian, you need a "Holy Ghost enema... right up your rear end."


Anonymous said...

She appears to me as though she does not know what she is talking about and does not know what she is doing.

Maybe ol' Benny Hinn likes a "holy ghost enema" from time to time!

As I understand it, he cannot stop anybody from showing this video. She said what she said, and must accept responsibility for having done so.

Anonymous said...

It should come as no surprise that crazy Mr. Hinn has an equally crazy Mrs. Hinn!

As far as Benny suing folks, he threatened YouTube with a lawsuit for displaying video clips of him and other televangelists and YouTube not only yanked every Benny Hinn video, they shut down people's accounts who had them and pulled every video on those accounts. My husband's YouTube account was a casualty in this mass editing, and he only had like one BH video clip, the rest of his stuff was videos he had created and some of other televangelists. Moreover, my husband had one of the Top 5 highest-hit videos on YouTube *ever* (and it was not BH related in any way) Didn't matter, First Amendment rights be damned. You would *think* this would be illegal, but since BH has lots of money and a cadre of attorneys, it didn't matter. Needless to say, we don't use YouTube for anything anymore, that bunch of sniveling cowards.

Anonymous said...

Who knew god has a sexual fetish.
What drugs did god put in her 'holy ghost enema'?

I sure wouldn't want to be around when the 'holy ghost' escapes from her body either...GAG

How can anyone believe in god if this is the type of FOOL who represents this god.


Anonymous said...

Holy Ghost enema?!? Holy Crap!! I find that suggestion very disturding!!

Anonymous said...

chucky jesus-

I'm telling you brother a "Holy Ghost Enema" is the only one that does the trick. I go in every week to get the waters of life blown up my ass and watch the garbage flow out. I'm surprised you've never heard of it before. It's magical I'm telling ya.

Maybe you should write Mrs. Hinn and ask for a demonstration. although, I get the feeling Benny is a jealous sort of guy.

HereticChick said...

Oh my, that woman appears to be on crack or something. She can't stand still, nor can she make any sense when she's speaking!

TheJaytheist said...

If you're going to get embarassed by the things you say when preaching, DON'T PREACH !!!

It does no good to anyone if they don't get to hear the message because you sued to have it stopped. I bet the HOLY GHOST is so pissed at benny right now he could just...just...GIVE HIM AN ENEMA!!

Anonymous said...

Benny Hinn is a worthless piece of shit. I can't believe how stupid the multitude of idiots are that spend their money just to go and see this Shyster, and his crusades.

Anonymous Said:
"I sure wouldn't want to be around when the 'holy ghost' escapes from her body either...GAG"

That would be called, "A Holy Shit".

Anonymous said...

What is she? A squirrel on crack? I got dizzy watching her pace back and forth like some kind of manic caged animal!

Jeeeeeeesus! Those people are walking abortions! I hope I wasn't that freaky when I was caught up in that shit!

Anonymous said...

If the report is true and the content accurate we non-believers must feel a modicum of pity for the dear lady. A psychoanalytical approach would indeed reveal much!
Dear me ... as the great English Bard once said, "Much ado about nothing" ... except for the results of the enema!!!! Let us drink to a healthy lifestyle. Plato.

Anonymous said...

If this issue ever goes to court, I'd love to be there when the attorney presents Exibit A.....

Wayne said...


I worked a Benny Hinn event a few years ago (event staff) in Orlando. To be honest - I preferred dealing with the drunk basketball fans at Waterhouse Arena to the christians at that event. They were rude, profane (I was told to F-off several times when telling folks that sitting on the steps was not allowed), couldn't seem to put anything into a trash can - the floor and ground outside was covered...
I could go on and on, but I'm sure you know the deal. It was the longest day EVER.

I wonder what the "lord's enema bag" is made of... What's the capacity of the bag? Is it enough to actually dilute and rinse satan from your butt? Is it available over the counter, or do we need a note from Benny?

Anonymous said...

LOL Just When You thought it couldn't get any worse! I wonder if anybody got "saved" at that event! LOL... Oh I can't stop laughing! Maybe Its the holy Spirit. Maybe I'm filled with the spirit...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I like to imagine there is some crazy God up there, with some messed up sense of humor. Who waits for the day when Mrs Hinn will show up at his gates, and he'll pull down his giant projector screen and play this clip.

"So, just wondering..uh..what was that about?"

Hinn 2:12 "And the Holy Spirit shall enter them, not unlike an enema, and clean their sins from right up the rear end. Amen."

Anonymous said...

Much like her Husband, Benny Hinn's wife is a nutcase.

I use to hear that same old juiced up hype all the time back when I was going to church about how god was on the move and was getting ready to do some big things, and how some of us needed a "Double Dose of The Holy Ghost". They always come up with these little sayings. I guess they want us to believe that is was a magical word from their Christian God.

I also remember not long after I stopped going to church someone told me that I needed to get back in church that I was missing out on some big things that god was doing.

I kept on asking myself, "What are these so called big things that are happening at church these days"?

Which consists of the following:

1) Same old boring Sunday School Class (Clique).

2) The same old hyped up songs and hymns right before the preaching with the stupid video screen.

3) The Same old Boring Preaching Sermon which is filled with the same old worn out gospel message from the same old worn out overrated and over used book called the "Holey Babble".

4) People coming forward towards the end of the service to seek a spiritual crutch named "Jesus".

5) People running off to eat after Church Service.

And they claim that "God is doing big things in the church these days"? I even heard some nuts claim that people were growing new arms and legs in other countries after losing those same arms and legs due to an accident or an amputation. Boy talking about how naive some christians are.

The way these christians tell it, you would think that the "Red Sea" or a burning bush had been talking to them at church.

It sure doesn't take much to get christians excited.

Some preachers would make great salesmen.

Anonymous said...

Mandy said:
I even heard some nuts claim that people were growing new arms and legs in other countries after losing those same arms and legs due to an accident or an amputation

Don't they consider that such miracles should be making worldwide secular news, and the fact it hasn't, should mean a whole lot as to it being mere rumors and propaganda.



Anonymous said...

I sincerly believe she was on some sort of amphetamine. Listen to here breathing and the way that as she starts to tweak she stops making sense. (you need to take off your high heels. There's no time for...You need to put on combat boots..????) I think she's on crystal meth. Also...did she fall down at the end? It looks like it.

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