Apologetics – Your First Clue that “Something” is Amiss

Oil on canvas"Truth" (1870) by Jules Joseph LefebvreBy John Fraysse

Thesis: The Truth Needs Little or No Defense

Awhile back, I wrote a little snippet based on the premise that if religion is so important, it should also be simple to understand, easy to implement and ubiquitous in its application. I further submitted that since religions are not simple, especially the big three Abrahamic faiths, they either must be a) unimportant or b) untrue or, more than likely, both. Therefore, unnecessary complexity is a bellwether indicator of a false concept, religious Dogmas being prime examples.

So, building on this line of thought, I think it also follows that if something is untrue but is being masqueraded as Truth, it will likely require much explanation. In fact, a method used by interrogators to detect lies in a witness or suspect is to note the length and complexity of their explanations. Long and complex explanations are, many times, strong indicators that the witness is trying to defend an untruth and therefore lying.

Now considering the above, have you ever noticed all the web sites, books, videos, DVDs and seminars devoted to “Defending Christianity”? This is the burgeoning industry known as Apologetics!

However, a sizable dose of twisted thinking and/or cognitive dissonance is required to accept most (any?) of the fundamental Christian Doctrines. Many of us were conditioned to believe this stuff as children, but notwithstanding, we still seem easily drawn into and held within this belief system – myself included. I will never forget one of my first Christian mentors telling me that I would “believe if I really wanted to believe”. How strangely profound! But in reality, it was my intense desire to believe that ultimately lead me away from the mind cult doctrines of Christianity. In fact, as I read and studied the Bible, I found that the only way I could believe it was to completely leave my brain and my ability to reason out of the process.

Worse yet, a brief study of History revealed that one of the main reasons that Orthodox Christianity needs so much defending is because it has proven itself to be horribly imprecise, self-contradictory and murderously vile. How could any caring or thinking individual allow his or herself to be associated with this group without bringing serious challenges to “Christian Truth”? And how could we possibly recommend and preach this faith to others as we are told we must?

And then, it hit me… The Truth does not need to be defended, because real Truth defends itself whenever it is APPLIED! Bottomline – The Truth Works!

Real Truth is trustworthy, repeatable and reliable and may be readily demonstrated by others. Real Truth is consistent and doesn't rely on magical powers or divine intervention. Real Truth provides practical help in solving problems without subjugating others or coercing them.

So, here is my question to you all…. Are there “Truths” in your life? If so, rejoice for great is your reward in the Real World. And be of good courage, for you won't have to waste your time defending your Truths as the apologetists do. Instead, you can be busy applying these truths to your life and to the lives of those you love!

In summary, if a religious “truth” or doctrine needs copious quantities of apologetics, it is very likely untrue. This should be one of your first clues that something is amiss because the Truth needs little or no Defense! But, it will set you free!

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