No one needs your religion or your god

religion kills - war child XTCImage by jordi.martorell via FlickrBy Neal Stone

I have a Jewish friend who was going off about how the Koran actually had a verse about NOT to be a friend of a Christian or Jew. She took great offense. I have also had others concerned over Obama's middle name and the fact he had Muslim influences in his life.

Now first off, I am not defending the Koran or Muslin religion, nor am I supporting either. I state this for the Christians looking to twist my words and make it sound like I support terrorism. I don't!

I just look at the FULL truth, not just the part that conveniently supports my beliefs. So here is the full, 100% truth. All religions have a bloody history: Catholics, Protestants, Israel, and so on.

Just look at the list:

Even the history of America when our CHRISTIAN ancestors came here and proceeded to slaughter the Native Americans because we thought they were savages. Isn't it funny how people can live in total peace, and then the Christians show up and the blood bath begins? Why is that?

Church is like a drug. You go on Sunday and get your fix, then it starts to wear off and you have to go back for more. I am so sick and tired of the small-minded attitude religious people have. It's OK to judge others and attack others for their pasts, but god forbid we should look at our own history.

This is a major reason why I left church and God. I got so tired of the judgmental and self-righteous crap they would practice.

I thank Google, I did quit. I feel so free now realizing that world peace really is a possibility. So is stopping hunger and poverty -- just eliminate church and religion.

Ever notice how churches always preach be humble and serve the church or the Lord? In other words, "Serve us but expect nothing. If you expect something then you are not a good Christian." It is all about control and manipulation of people who are too insecure in their lives to stand on their own. I should know, I was one. "Just have faith and don't question." Funny how they preach freedom in Christ and then imprison you into serving their churches and agendas. And, if you refuse, you are accused of not doing god's will.

Church is like a drug. You go on Sunday and get your fix, then it starts to wear off and you have to go back for more. You just can't make it on your own and need that constant fix.

Well, today I am church free. The withdrawals sucked and were painful, but it was worth it. It is great to get this out of my system so I can function and live a normal life.

As for serving others. I take care of my family and me first. Everyone else get in line and I might call your number. Assuming it suites me and is worth my effort.

So here you go Christians: No one needs your religion or your god. No one needs you to pray for them. No one needs conquering or to be forced to become "civilized." Your past is filled with hate, death and bloodshed, yet all the while you preach love, life and salvation. That just don't add up! Science and history are quickly exposing how false your beliefs are. Deal with it! There is more evidence for the origins of Santa Clause than there is for Jesus Christ! At least with Santa we can pinpoint where he lived, where he was born, and who he was. Try that with Jesus and you will just get guesses and assumptions. A future post about this is coming as a special Christmas present.

Let's face it. Living in peace and freedom rocks! Too bad Christians will never know this for themselves but rather live in their delusion with glassed over eyes thinking god will deliver them.

Christians, you want deliverance? Rent the movie!!!! What? Is that banjo music I hear?

Hmm, looks like my post changed direction. Oh well, just had to ramble. LOL

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