Can a skeptic believe in God?

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Part II:

Can a skeptic believe in God?

This is a segment from the 2006 Amazing Meeting. Michael Shermer speaks first followed by James Randi. These two clips are only a short introduction to a great discussion. For details see


Anonymous said...

Depends the sceptic. I am a deistic sceptic. Maybe some agnosticism in it. Atheism is too materialistic for me. But again depends the sceptic, and depends how he conceives, denies or just think in what is God or gods.

ex judeo catholic said...

I am personally grateful to James Randi for slugging it out with all charlatans hucksters and religious criminals even the Non- biblical ones like Sylvia Brown. Uri Geller and Sai Babba. I could have just as easily been victimized by non Biblical predators like those as it is common for the weak and scared to look to other Holy men and Holy women who claim they are led by God. The scared and weak are always susceptible to the sales pitch of anyone who claims a direct line to God or his agents, and it is James Randi who I personally credit with saving me from their grasp. Whether you are a detoxing Biblist or needing to detox from the poison of some other false god or prophet, a visit to will likely give you an extra shot of courage to ask whatever tough questions you have been afraid to ask.
Even when I was a Christian, I knew other Christians that admired his courage to expose all the other predators including supposedly Christian ones like Rev. Peter Popoff(Popov?) who used a wireless earpiece to create the illusion of God speaking to him. Christain admirers of Randi , such as I, just figured one day he would understand and embrace guidance of Jesus the way we did. Turned out a little different than expected but.. oh well … I’ll roll with it.

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