Christianity: Out With The Old...

...and in with the new.

An agnostic takes a trip to Vatican City.


Anonymous said...

I lament because Jesus was indeed a realized master...totally enlightened, however Christianity has become a 'dark religion' and the original teachings have become ignored. This seems to happen...the master gets disciples, a few benefit, but then after a few centuries the original shakti (energy) of the master dissipates. Such is the challenge before us. Regards, Keith

Anonymous said...

1) Yep. Apart from the inherent flaws of Christianity, it has been overgrown with spiritual fungus, as well. Nice-looking fungus, admittedly.

2) On that note, I NEED to visit Rome some day. Ah. The only good things to come out of religion: the music and the art.


Anonymous said...

My favorite art was the ancient Roman and the Botticelli's in the Sistine Chapel.

One painting of a bunch of monks being hung was unbelievably disturbing and the guide would not tell me what the story behind it was. Some heresy I suspect.

Aspentroll said...

That was a great video, and it made a lot of sense, at least to me.

Maybe the Vatican could cash in some those relics and help the poor of the world. But I guess that would be un-godly.

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