By Joe Musselwhite

I thought some of you might enjoy my "God in a box" experiment.

I've had fun with this for years. Here's how it works:

Go buy a small cardboard box around 2-3 inches square with a removable lid on it.

On top of the lid write: "Inside this box is God" and now you're set.

Take the box to one of your friends who believes in God and hand it to him and don't say anything. Wait for a response. 99% of the time they take the lid off and say there's nothing in here. Ah! Ah! Now you got them!

Once they make this claim, ask them how did they know that nothing was in the box. They will respond that they know nothing is in the box because they can't see anything. This is the whole point of the experiment. It demonstrates very well that humans rely heavily on one of their senses before they claim they know something verses believing something. It proves that people require objective evidence before they accept something as fact.

They don't even think about it until it's too late. It's not even a thought for them to claim nothings there. In a way it also demonstrates their lack of faith which requires no evidence at all.

You can really have fun with this experiment, just use your imagination.

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