How to quit worrying about global warming and be happy

By dano

I am a 71 year old Agnostic, I believe that the only sensible definition of God is "the creator of everything," the prime mover, if you will.

God would have to be the creator of everything, because if there were something that It didn't create, then that would suggest the existence of more than one God. So, I'm sticking with "creator of everything"

For the purpose of exerting less stress on my two typing fingers, I will, henceforth, in this article, refer to God as "It"

I will assume that "It" created everything, because "It" is God.

By everything, I am talking about germs and worms and monkeys and men and right and wrong, and sex and sin...

And missionary style, doggy style, and self gratification...

And Homosexuals, bisexuals, and asexuals, those who steal, who lie, and who cheat, and who think logically, and who doesn't...

And those who call themselves Christian, and who claim Islam, and who believe that they are going to get 72 virgins at the gate of heaven if they kill themselves while killing others, and even those who are of the mind to think all religious mysticism and faith in invisible beings is insanity.

By saying that "It"caused everything, I'm talking about how I'm made, the kind of brain "It" gave me, what my propensities are as a result of my genes and memes, and what I will do with free will, assuming It gave me the ability to grasp that concept.

What I'm saying is that "It" is responsible for everything in the universe, because It made it.

(Now what is it about "Everything" that you don't understand?)

The only thing "It" isn't responsible for, is "Itself", because "It" couldn't have made Itself, (Well maybe), so for the sake of efficiency I will just assume that God, ("It"), always was, with no beginning and no end.

Now if God always was, "It" isn't responsible for how or why "It" does things either, because "Its" nature was predetermined.

(Is anybody still following me?)

Now if anyone is still looking for how I quit worrying about global warming and the impending displacement of millions of people by rising waters, starvation, disease, (pandemics), or the extreme changes in weather patterns that are already destroying ecosystems and certain species, and will ultimately result in a huge "die back" of life on this fragile planet, here goes:

I believe that the damage to our atmosphere and biosphere may already be sufficient to cause all of the havoc mentioned above. I believe that it is probably already too late to do anything about it. But, but what's worse is that most people don't even care, so greenhouse gases, by the hundreds of tons, will continue to waft their way up into the air for many years to come.

So, to not get too far afield of the subject of "worry" and "global warming", I will tell you right off how I have resolved the problem of constant concern over it. I have decided to take my cue from "It."

All of the major disasters that have threatened mankind in the last couple of million years, and those that wiped out large numbers of species in the last four billion years, have been dealt with by God with TOTAL INDIFFERENCE. In fact "It" was responsible for all of them, so I'm gonna do just like God did. I AIN'T GONNA WORRY ABOUT IT!

I'm just going to keep on keepin' on, with the talents that "It" gave me, including my ability to be skeptical that Jesus will come riding in on a white horse to save us. I'll just be happy for all that It gave us, (the most highly evolved primates on the planet) and try to enjoy the show, just like I know It, will.

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