FFRF Puts Up First-Ever Nontheistic Billboard!

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is the nation's largest association of atheists and agnostics, is unveiling what is believed to be the first nontheistic billboard in Madison, Wis.

The whimsical full-color 48-foot billboard mimics a stained-glass window and warns, "Beware of Dogma."

"We are launching a campaign to place freethought billboards up around the country, wherever an irreverent billboard is needed--which is practically everywhere!" says Annie Laurie Gaylor, Foundation spokeswoman.

"We don't go to Mass, but we can go to the masses," adds Dan Barker, Foundation co-president. "We think it is time for the rest of us to use the mass media to counter the ubiquity of religious messages on roadsides everywhere!"

(Madison, Wis., locals can look for it on the feeder road off the West Beltline next to Culver's Restaurant, facing west, Oct. 2-16, 2007.)

The Foundation will be erecting another billboard to greet attendees of its 30th national convention, meeting on Oct. 12-13 in Madison. A smaller billboard on East Johnson Street by Fordem Avenue (passed by nearly everyone coming in from the airport) will carry the "Beware of Dogma" message on one side, while the other side will sport the stained-glass motif and the words "Imagine No Religion."


Anonymous said...


Cute, put a smile on my face.

Rob. said...

But that was a great movie.....oh, wait, not that Dogma. LOL

My Karma ran over my Dogma, but my insurance won't cover the Trauma.

gimmeadrinkawater said...

Finally! I brought this up some time ago here. I think I'll contact them for a billboard in Queens (new york)

nm156 said...

You know, there has always been something I loved about Wisconsin but could never really explain.

This billboard just might help a bit.

Aspentroll said...

The FFRF could spend millions in the south and cause the greatest uproar. Looking forward to the fun.

Anonymous said...

You're right, aspentroll. But if you guys want to see what the christian's in the south are capable of doing in potential retaliation, check THIS out...


Look at the giant white cross on the left hand side of the page. This is from Cookeville, TN, the nearest major town from where I live.

This is on top of a local hill that puts it in plain sight for miles. This was just while it was being erected. At it's full height, it is TWICE as tall as a nearby WATER TOWER (just out of view of this picture), and it is visible for miles...from Interstate 40 no less!

(Yes, that is the same I-40 that is a major east/west route in the United States, running from North Carolina to California).

It was erected with basically no protest at all (even though this is a college town). As you can see, to even find a picture of it, I had to go to the church's website. The bottom line is, no matter how many billboards FFRF puts up, it's not going to be able to compete with X-ianity's visual stranglehold.

Nevertheless, kudos to FFRF for trying.

TheJaytheist said...

I dunno monk, pepsi corp. had an idea years back to use "lasers" to project their logo onto the face of the moon. If the FFRF did something like that they'd trump the fundies.

How freaky would THAT look!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pretty freaky!!

Oh, I'm sure that if it were feasible, some buffoon (corporate america, christianity, muslim, jew, pro sports team, etc. etc....pick your moron) would do it.

Even sadder is the likelihood that people would probably let them do it.

Nature is not a billboard to display human insanity. I hope I never live to see the day that some idiot makes a billboard of the moon, but I could see it happening.

TheJaytheist said...

Hey monk check out this:


TheJaytheist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheJaytheist said...

Be sure to check out the date.

Anonymous said...

That makes me so mad!

And his arrogance: "I'm only sending an image into space," he says. "The moon just happens to be in the way."

Such blatant disrespect for something he understands no better than if it WERE a big hunk of blue cheese!

We'll buy ourselves to death one day.

TheJaytheist said...

Didn't mean to get you riled monk. I think it's an NPR april fools joke.(at least I hope it is)

For the record I wasn't using this for my origial source. I read it in a book some years back called The Misfortune 500. I can't recall who wrote it. But I read it in the 90's.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I sure did get riled! Thanks for showing everyone what a gullible idiot I can be...you even said look at the date. Oh, well, that's why one should never take themselves too seriously hehe! I should probably be embarrassed, but life's too short :)

I got so wrapped up in it, though, because I can really see someone trying that at some point. The last thing I want to see when I look up at the MOON is some corporate logo (or religious symbol for that matter).

Surely it IS/was an april fool's joke (or october fool in my case). Like you said, I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...


"Look at the giant white cross on the left hand side of the page. This is from Cookeville, TN, the nearest major town from where I live"

Hey Monk,

It's been awhile since I have seen it, however there is (or use to be) another giant white cross like the one you were talking about down around Loudon Tennessee also.

I also remember seeing those black and white, "God" billboards they use to put up along major highways and interstates back around the late 90's I believe it was.

SpaceMonk said...

"So we come to it at last. The great battle of our time."

I foresee much vandalism and cries of, "Hypocrites, you can't preach against evangelism if you're evangelising...", etc.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the self-proclaimed biggest is in Groom, Texas.

Notice how they are all built the same way:


Hopefully, it never falls on anyone! haha

TheJaytheist said...

I'm sorry monk I didn't mean to embarrass you. I must try to be clearer from now on. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Stronger Now,

No, no, no...please don't apologize. I was only joking with you. I've got thick skin. If that's the worst thing that ever happens to me, I'd be doing great! I've just enjoyed the exchange.

TheJaytheist said...

Great! Now I can be just as confusing as ever!

(just kiddin')

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk,

Forgot to mention this in my last post in regards to the giant white crosses.

I had heard on the news sometime back that they were wanting to take down the giant cross along I-75 down around Loudon, Tennessee.

Some people got really up in arms about them wanting to take it down, which is no surprise.

TheJaytheist said...

Now, I may not believe jebus is the who the bible says he is but still, I would think jebus wouldn't be all excited to return to earth if people kept on puttin' up giant crosses everywhere.

Especially when they keep sayin' that they're getting ready for him!

And him being a jew an' all.

Gotta wonder what the fundies are thinkin'. It's the american south! These jerks use to hang folk for being, well, not white enough.

Poor sonofabitch is probably scared out of his wits!

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