Skeptic Bible Study: Pedophilia in the Bible

A video by John Anderson


Anonymous said...

I think somewhere in the Bible, it says, "A man shalt not employ plastic surgeons to make himself have the appear as a woman and then lie with children thou hast for sleepovers, even if thou claimest there was no inappropriate touching..."

Anonymous said...
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TheJaytheist said...

Anony, you are one stupid sick fuck to even think it. Get help.

Better yet:

"Go now, and die in the way that seems best to you."

Webmaster, I'm fixing to say things to this prick that could be troubling. Any advice?

SpaceMonk said...


Ignorant kids playing stupid games with each other is not the same as a grown adult knowingly traumatising and abusing them for their own purpose.
In that case the terms 'victim' and 'predatory' would most definitely apply.

webmdave said...

Anony was obviously one of our resident "Christian" trolls. He missed the entire point of the video and made inappropriate remarks, so... he's deleted.

TheJaytheist said...


I'm not sure I would have been welcomed back if I posted what I wanted to say. I seem to have fallen into a moral delemma of sorts. On one hand I'm all for freedom of speech, but on the other hand, well, I have a sense of..of..(honor isn't the right word and neither is vengance) what do I use to guage my response? How far is too far?

I don't mean to derail the thred topic but the regulars here have given me great lessons and I value their input.


SpaceMonk said...

Stronger Now, I'd say you did all right. Freedom of speech means you're also allowed to express your opinions. Then other people can use their own common sense to figure out who they agree with.

I'd like to delete my own comments now too, but the little bin is gone. :)

Anyway, on the video, I think it points out a good example in atheism's favour.
Christians like to claim that without the laws bible-god has given then we humans have no moral compass to civilise our behaviour.
Yet here is an example where there is no biblical law against something, with even an encouragement to the opposite, yet everybody in modern society, whether secular or religious, considers it as one of the worst crimes.

We don't need a god to tell us it's wrong, we all just know it.
So that makes us more 'moral' than bible-god...

webmdave said...

Stronger now, contact me directly by clicking here and we'll chat.

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