Baby Bible Bashers

Showing on UK Channel 4, Thursday 14 February 2008, 9pm

Samuel Boutwell is a seven-year-old preacher. He takes his vocation to save sinners from rotting in eternal hell extremely seriously.

Most Saturdays he stands in front of his local abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi and, bible in hand, bellows:
'Don't kill your child! Repent! God loves the little children!'
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Baby Bible Bashers follows the extraordinary stories of three of the Lord's 'chosen children', and their relationships with God, their families and their congregations.

In addition to Samuel, we meet nine-year-old Florida firebrand Terry Durham, who likes nothing more than to don his oversize blue suit and alligator shoes, and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Terry holds the honour of having been the world's youngest ordained minister at just six.

Brazilian sensation Ana Carolina Dias began preaching at just three years of age and regularly commands TV audiences of millions. Her mission: to save the hardened gang members and drug dealers of Rio's shantytowns.

This film by BAFTA award-winning director Amelia Hann, follows these pint-size preachers as they go about their missionary work spreading the word to 'drunkards, adulterers and thieves' and uncovers the unsettling and often disturbing truth behind child evangelism.

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