Baby Bible Bashers

Showing on UK Channel 4, Thursday 14 February 2008, 9pm

Samuel Boutwell is a seven-year-old preacher. He takes his vocation to save sinners from rotting in eternal hell extremely seriously.

Most Saturdays he stands in front of his local abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi and, bible in hand, bellows:
'Don't kill your child! Repent! God loves the little children!'
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Baby Bible Bashers follows the extraordinary stories of three of the Lord's 'chosen children', and their relationships with God, their families and their congregations.

In addition to Samuel, we meet nine-year-old Florida firebrand Terry Durham, who likes nothing more than to don his oversize blue suit and alligator shoes, and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Terry holds the honour of having been the world's youngest ordained minister at just six.

Brazilian sensation Ana Carolina Dias began preaching at just three years of age and regularly commands TV audiences of millions. Her mission: to save the hardened gang members and drug dealers of Rio's shantytowns.

This film by BAFTA award-winning director Amelia Hann, follows these pint-size preachers as they go about their missionary work spreading the word to 'drunkards, adulterers and thieves' and uncovers the unsettling and often disturbing truth behind child evangelism.


Anonymous said...

This is some sick shit. These kids are going to grow up to have some serious mental problems

Anonymous said...

This is what Prof. Richard Dawkins was talking about in "The God Delusion". These poor little kids have been brainwashed. I'll bet they believe the World is only 6000years old. I'll bet they know nothing about science. They will probably spend most of their lives spewing out that bullshit about a non-existant "god" spreading that Christian poison.

Anonymous said...

This is so incredibly disturbing. I couldn't even watch all of it.

HereticChick said...

How sad that they'll never enjoy a childhood. They should be removed from their homes and put in foster care. That's twisted and disturbing.

aangelstar14321 said...

I so agree with foster home comment even my foster parents were apart of that whole world. I couldn't watch it either, its sad. These kids should be playing and just being kids. Instead, they are standing at abortion clincs or some other crap because of some adult's belief system.

Anonymous said...

Its child abuse plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

These children are very talented in imitating behavior from adults. However, they have no reasoning skills. It is sad that masses of people support this kind of behavior. These kids would be better off showing their talents in a children's acting group.

eejay said...

That's right. These children really don't have the depth of understanding to realize what they are doing. They are merely being used as a mouthpiece to air their parents' views. Terrible that this is allowed. And there are people out there, that really think this is cute. It's no wonder that x-tianity leaves me sick to my stomach.

DUG853 said...

It's a "Sick Sad World", when these fuckers are allowed to mess with kids' heads in this manner.
(one of MANY methods,..ALL sickening)

"jesus Camp" anyone-?


I just threw-up in my mouth a little,....

Wait, what's that spewing out of my nostrils and hitting my keyboard-?-?

Anonymous said...

Well what else can be expected from these 5&6 year old moronic jackasses?

The bible is so appealing to people with an IQ of a 5 or 6 year old because the bible was written by people whom had an IQ of a 5 or 6 year old jackass.

Jesus was a carpender, he built a fully functioning shithouse, when he was just 4 months old.

Jesus was born with a full facial beard,, he also kept an elaborate dingleberry and toenail collection, I heard.

Anonymous said...

This is sick stuff...the same jon boneau sick exploit of children ...sick....jesus church crap...funny thing..christians think its cute!

Anonymous said...

This is the same shit jon boneau was involved in ...for shame..its not cute...its ugly...and stupid!

Anonymous said...

I just keep getting farther and farther away from this crap! My dad is a preacher, we had a big blow-out this morning about noah and his rainbow....I feel like I have a PHD in reason and the rest of my family is in kindegarden! I cant get anywhere with my family! They are stupid on a level I do not understand! This crap is a good example of total bull crap!

AtheistToothFairy said...

eejay wrote:
These children really don't have the depth of understanding to realize what they are doing. They are merely being used as a mouthpiece to air their parents' views
Hi eejay,

So let me guess the outcome of what we saw in these videos.

Instead of these parents spending their available free time, helping with their kid's education in subjects such as SPELLING, WRITING, MATH, SCIENCE, HISTORY and about the REAL world in general, they probably ignore all those 'superfluous' subjects in favor of drowning their kid's minds with religious propaganda.

So, if their kids grow up not knowing anything but this silly bible, they would have little choice but to become preachers of that dogma themselves.

Yup, sounds like a well-rounded education to me, yes indeed.

ATF ( Who see's the same type of brainwashing being done to Muslim kids to)

Anonymous said...

ATF said,

"So, if their kids grow up not knowing anything but this silly bible, they would have little choice but to become preachers of that dogma themselves."

I guess the real genius of the parents of these brainwashed brats is the fact that marketing a six year old Jerry Falwell clone in the correct fashion could mean major $Ching$ $Ching$. Numb nutted Christians eat this shit up and will gladly toss their hard earned money in these kid's direction. Never mind these kids will be riddled with suicidal guilt when they get their first hard ons resulting from admiring a nice set of teen aged boobies.

I tell you I was hearing a few Shirley Phelps quotes mixed in with that first kid's speal. The Phelps family would love this kid.

Anonymous said...

Ack, can't these kids do anything besides scream. Every one of them was yelling.

Lil' Sammy has a nice future cut out for him as park looney with big sign and old Army surplus jacket to boot. I found it interesting that he kept saying, "don't kill your son" but never any specific mention of daughters. So he must read the OT alot, becasue women were lower than dung in that book.

Lil' Terry. If I heard "huh" one more time I was going to scream. He did the "huh" after every other word. "Jesus-huh is gone save-huh". He is mega-church bound.

Lil' Anna. At first I thought she was speaking in tongues because of the yelling, but she was just preaching in spanish. after the novelty wears off- ie she gets breasts- nobody will let her preach because she is female and she will probably settle down as a pastor's wife.

Obviously they are all imitating the specific christian culture they come from. They are like pageant kids for Jesus.

Madame M~

Anonymous said...

Is anyone interested in what a six-year-old historian has to say?, or a seven-year-old medical expert?

But a six-year-old preacher?, now that's a different story! After all, didn't Jesus say that we should suffer the little children?

Well, we're suffering them alright!

By the way, for a good laugh, check out what our anti-abortion campaigner has to say when he's preaching wearing the yellow T-shirt in the related video, and actually appears to be attempting to speak of the top of his own head!

He really ought to stick to the clinic.

Unknown said...

I know his parents are 100 % guilty for screwing this kid up, i still thought, while watching the movie that this retarded kid should've been aborted. ;)

eejay said...

Abortion is a very complex subject, that I doubt a young child can fully understand. Do you think they know how these women got pregnant to begin with? Maybe the holy ghost came down and did it. Really they can possible know what they're picketing against. Obviously they are just repeating what their parents believe.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that's really some sick, twisted shit! It's mostly a show for the adults, though. They think it's cute and it makes them feel like they're doing a nice job of indoctrinating the young.

What they don't know is that it'll likely backfire on them. I grew up around a bunch of crazy christian fucks and the preacher's kids were the first ones to flip the bird at the whole thing about the age of 12 or 13.

They were always the ones that my mom would say, "Look how well behaved and happy they are..." Then they'd take us out back and bust up a joint or worse...

Anonymous said...

As someone has posted on the forum of the TV company in question:

"Only in America"

(...and Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Moral of today's story is adult preachers are nothing more than bearded children?

Anonymous said...

Abortion, that has got to be the most sick and twisted thing you can suggest.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing to watch

Anonymous said...

For all intents and purposes, this kid WAS aborted. Christians railing on and on about aortion has nothing to do with an appreciation of human life; it's all about sexual control. Nothing else. Some dumb girl screws up with some dumb guy, they think they can just dump the fucker in a trash bin and be done with it and go on wih their lives. NO, SIR. By forcing them to have the kid AND keep it AND be responsble for it, Christians are using that child as an extension of their sexual control through guilt. This is why so many Christian kinds grow up screwed up: they're little more than a reminder of sexual guilt, an item of control through the Christian propaganda machine. As such, Christians do not ive one shit-coated FUCK about kids after they are born, just BEFORE they are born and WHEN they are born. So while the kid is alive, it's like to Tool song says:

"I'm breathing so i guess I'm still alive, eve if signs seem to tell me otherwise . . ."

AtheistToothFairy said...

trancelation wrote:
"For all intents and purposes, this kid WAS aborted"

Well they sure succeeded in 'aborting' the kid's brain !!

I guess we finally have discovered the true power of the 'holy spirit'.
It is second to none, in 'aborting' a potential functioning brain.

ATF (Who wonders why fundies aren't against brain abortions?)

Anonymous said...

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Pastors........

Anonymous said...

These kids are future Betty Ford Clinic patients. You should read Marjoe Gortner's biography concerning being the youngest evangelist at age four. At such a young age, kids only know what their parents teach them, which is usually wrong when it comes to christianss.

Anonymous said...

this is such a sad wasted childhood.

Anonymous said...

"Don't kill your child! Repent! God loves the little children!"


Hur. Suck it, you little twat. I hope you grow out of your delusion before you either drive someone to suicide, or kill yourself.

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