Screaming farting preacher and the Mrs.


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I'm the original farting preacher.

Accept no cheap imitations. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Hilarious! I wish these guys were on in my area, the ones I watch just aren't funny like them. Just what does "bo-ko-sha" mean anyway? Cuckoo, cuckoo!

Anonymous said...

That woman preacher is HOT!!!!

I'd fuck the holy ghost out of her.

Anonymous said...

Women are not supposed to preach anyway.

Anonymous said...

that guy is hilarious even if you take out the farting.

Insanezenmistress said...

i dont know about you guys .but i belive the preacher lady

if i had sex with 94 men in one day i would defenatly not be happy either.
i think i'd be rather sore, if not dead.

Anonymous said...

"And on the third day Christ farted, and he arose!"

God bless your little Fssssssphart!!!

Holy shalacumbia...Psssssphart...phew..wee!!!

Did you feel that? I did...RFLMAO

Anonymous said...

You all think your funny, but you're not.

Sooner or later there all of you will have to pay for this type of sacraligious blasphemy.

God will not be mocked.

Astreja said...

Au contraire, Anonymouse... Your god doesn't seem to mind us mocking it one bit.

Possibly because it shows no signs of actually existing.

I could never understand the concept of 'sacrilege', anyway. How in blazes could the words of a mortal ever injure some cosmic super-being? That would be like Me getting insanely and permanently angry because a chickadee on My clothesline decided to chirp rudely. (shrugs)

Kyan said...

of course god will be mocked. i'll mock him openly and dare him to do something about it. If he exists, he's a coward!

Just like Anonymous!

Anonymous said...


Compared to God and the whole universe you are nothing more than a tiny little speck of dust.

It is only by God's grace and mercy that you are allowed to breathe and exist in this world.

It would be quiet interesting to see how arrogant you would act towards God if you all of a sudden started gasping for breath, and you started taking your final breath upon this earth.

Astreja said...

Anonymouse, compared to your intangible, invisible and very likely non-existent god, humans are infinite in size and in power.

And the universe is greater still.

Why must Christians take something as amazing as sentient life on Earth, and smear their god's feces all over it?

And why is it so hard for Christians to see that their vile, condescending, bullying, "You are less than dirt" attitude is one of the things that drove us away from Christianity?

Finally, Anonymouse, since I'm in a spectacularly pissy mood tonight, I pronounce this seiĆ°r upon you:

May your nightmares be haunted by every grief that you wish upon us.

Anonymous said...

"May your nightmares be haunted by every grief that you wish upon us"

I still slept good last night. Sorry that your spoken word of hate didn't work.

I've got the power of God on my side.

Astreja said...

(smiles quietly to Herself) One night down... Fifteen, twenty thousand to go. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure I will get through the nights a ok even if I do have a few bad dreams here and there.

It happens to the best of us.

eel_shepherd said...

An anonymouse condescended to announce to us:
"...I've got the power of God on my side."

That's not enough. You need one of those red handkerchiefs too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, as someone who still believes in some sort of God that created the universe, you know what saddens me? The fact that you worship Yahweh/Jesus not because you love him, it's because you're AFRAID of him. I believe that if there is an omnipotent power that created the universe, it's going to be so far above us there is no way it could be so cheap and petty that it'd condemn any of it's creations to eternal torment. Making someone suffer horribly for disobedience is what a human would do, not any GOD in the absolute sense of the word. Give up your fear and realize that whatever runs the universe be it God or just natural laws, it is not a sadistic cosmic tyrant.

Astreja said...

Tabula Rasa: "Give up your fear and realize that whatever runs the universe be it God or just natural laws, it is not a sadistic cosmic tyrant."

Agreed wholeheartedly. Personally, I think that any extant gods simply would not need to resort to fearmongering.

Greedy priests who purport to speak on behalf of gods, on the other hand...

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