What should we do...

...about certain tenacious trolls?

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leotracks said...

I think ignoring him is the best way, since he behaves like a child who screams louder and louder just to get attention. This man is obviously socially maladjusted and has probably been abused in his life, which has led to his dependence on myth to give him a sense of purpose. His poor behavior indicates a desperate need to be right about something, a reason to pat himself on the back for being the better man.

However, regardless of how or why he has come to this point, he is a snotty little dickhead with a tiny brain and a big mouth. Although I think we should ignore him, it is damn near impossible to do with all the crap that spews from his fingertips. Can't we just have him killed?

leotracks said...

I think ignoring him is the best way, since he behaves like a child who screams louder and louder just to get attention. This man is obviously socially maladjusted and has probably been abused in his life, which has led to his dependence on myth to give him a sense of purpose. His poor behavior indicates a desperate need to be right about something, a reason to pat himself on the back for being the better man.

However, regardless of how or why he has come to this point, he is a snotty little dickhead with a tiny brain and a big mouth. Although I think we should ignore him, it is damn near impossible to do with all the crap that spews from his fingertips. Can't we just have him killed?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think we should KISS him. Find him, track him down to his lair, and send in some of our bretheren and sisteren to KISS him... Showing him our love, especially our BROTHERLY love, would set this son-of-a-bitch so far back on his ass that he wouldn't show his face, much less his stupid mouth, around here for a long timd.

Anonymous said...

AHAH!!! I see the web-meister, or whoever prepared this poll, knows something about his-or-her job/business...

The order of the answers changes - thus eliminating a source of a large bias in the results.

GOOD THINKING, who-ever ou are...

Anonymous said...

Make a KISS graphic for dick headed trolls and instead of replying, post the KISS graphic and add them to the ignore list.

Telmi said...

Allow him the latitude to express his views. That would allow us to hear what others may have to say, even though it may outturn to be old hat. We can always respond appropriately.

Anonymous said...

When somebody tries to pick a fight, you have the option to walk away. They will get bored and (eventually) look elsewhere......

When has engaging these type of people ever had a positive result?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was one who voted to ban him. I've got to say however, that it is great to hear some of the comebacks that you folks come up with to put them in their place. I really do enjoy your arguments for our side. Sometimes though, it appears that some of these people become nuisances and it gets old listening to them spew out the same garbage we came here to get away from. Just see how long one of us would last on a 700 club site or something. I think x-tians push their weight around way too much and need to have boundries. For example, I'm certain you've heard that the Church of Scientology is being protested. Well, just whom do you think is doing the protesting? It's likely not us. I'm pretty certain it's hard core x-tians, and just what gives the, the right to protest other people's beliefs when they themselves are following something that is just as utterly ridiculous. They want to control our legal system, they want to take over the country and we can't just sit back and let them. Wanna know one of my biggest pet peeves? I am a corporate pilot so I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. I would love to see bibles remove from hotel rooms. Why should I be subject to have to stay with that in my room?

Anonymous said...

I voted for engage him, since to ban them or delete their posts would give them another opportunity to claim they're being
persecuted. Also, considering some of the posts I've seen over the past few days...well, they're an
excellent example of Christians at
their most obsessive and hysterical.

Also, many of the people who post
rebuttals to the "saved" provide
solid answers to Christian delusions and beliefs, and may help
others who are trying to break
away from organized religion.

Anonymous said...

I voted to engage him, because it's fun, but I'd ban him once he gets old-hat.

Raytheist said...

I must have somehow missed posts from the troll being voted on -- couldn't find any comments or whatever, so I voted based on my general behavior of trolls in general: "Don't feed the trolls" -- eventually they get bored for lack of engagement and leave. Banning them just gets them made, they changes user names and come back with a new disguise.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it isn't James Dobson? Seems like something he'd do ... harassing the "nonbelievers".

- James

Micah Cowan said...

The problem with ignoring trolls is that newcomers won't realize their trolls until they've wasted their time with them.

Aside from that, ignoring trolls can be difficult (for me, at least) without programmatic aids to that end. On Usenet, trolls went in the killfile. On IRC, they go in my /ignore list. On web forums.... what do I do? I see them. I can show some restraint and ignore them (not everyone can, and I'm not 100% successful), but at the least I've been distracted or annoyed, and at worst, I'm seriously peeved, and having trouble "letting them say that unchallenged".

I'm never happy advocating deletion; but better options are not always available.

TheJaytheist said...

I was one that voted to ban. I'm having second thoughts. I seem to remember a discussion with him that ended in him loseing con-troll(tee-hee) of the 'Ol Bean and rambling like a mad-man. It was funny to watch and I think he get's a little more wacked out every time he's made to look like a fool here. Which is often to say the least.

I know what it is like to be a christian and have your mind start to slip. Christianity was what caused my mind to slip and before I went totally batshit crazy I dropped the god belief.(it was a close one)

Perhaps he's on the edge now and if we continue to amplify the cognitive dissonance(sp?) he'll either de-convert or be chased down by the men with the butterfly nets.

Ignore him and hell load heaps of spam like never before, just to clog the site.

Deleting posts will only make him change his name.

Kiss him? Is this some weird ass cyber lingo? If not, count me out.

Cussin' can be used in conjunction with engaging him.(He likes to be called a fucktard)

Anonymous said...

I'll take the middle ground. I love it when asshole Christians engage and bring out the best in all of us. This place would be a bore without them, but when someone uses Bible quotes to prove their points ban them instantly.

Cousin Ricky said...

I voted to ban.

Engaging may be useful for Christians new to this site, before it is clear whether they are drive-bys, trolls, or just curious. They may learn something, and we may learn something.

Engaging a troll can be entertaining for a while, but eventually it gets old. At that point, ignoring is the best policy.

Banning someone is an extreme action. However, Taylor/Marc/Passerby/Unblinded/Luke is an extreme case. He has a sick obsession with this blog, not unlike a one-sided infatuation of the sort that needs a court restraining order. He is nothing but a useless pest.

Anonymous said...

I Voted BAN! Most of us that are new to the site have recently been through all of these arguments with former friends and family. I have not changed anyone's mind, even by using some of the same great and intelligent responses that were used the other day. These kind of people are brainwashed and Blind to facts.

It made me kind of sick inside to here it all again. I come to this site for healing, comfort and reality. I think it is a big waste of time and energy to argue with these pin-heads. They are not here to reason and discuss. They are here to pass judgement and get their spiritual "rocks off", if you know what I mean. They probably go to Wednesday Night prayer meeting and testify as to how they witnessed to hundreds of sinners this week!

I Vote BAN!

Ex-Pastor Dan

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I do enjoy disrespecting and calling christians names, along with taunting and making blasphemous statements about them and their god.

I think all christians are worthless pieces of shit. They deserve to be disrespected.

Aspentroll said...

There is no greater insult
to be achieved than deliberately ignoring someone.
Most people at one time or another have been in a store and thought they were invisible to the staff or stand there next to someone who doesn't introduce you to their friends.
Let these assholes post and then let's simply ignore them.
Let's face it, they go to all trouble of typing out what they think is the perfect rant and nobody acknowledges them.
The only thing we will miss will be the look of rage on their faces.

Anonymous said...

I voted ignore. These folks are desprate for attention. It seems that they really feel inferior and by arguing with us makes them feel special. Ya know the warrior of god thing. So ignoring them will really drive them up the wall.


Anonymous said...

Let them continue their rant. I opt for ignoring them. Too many have the attitude that if they just quote from the bible enough, it will finally make everyone see the light.
Ignore the trolls. Don't feed them. Eventually they die of hunger. And not too soon either.

Joe B said...

Laugh at them. That was my intent in voting for "Engage." That is engagement isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm Dave's "Big Stick" and garbage hauler over on the Forums.
Dealing with trollkins is either *fun* or *frustrating* with little in between.
Eventually trolls run out of steam on their own, or after they are ignored, leave on their own.

This goofy bastard has marked up and left shit trails over the Bosses carpet with almost impunity.

I'd say "What do the folks who give value and add to community here want to do with the bucket of human feces?"

Know what I do with buckets filled as such...


Anonymous said...

I tend to engage them and try to lock them up in logical holes. I've had several Christian friends admit to me I made more sense than any of the preachers they've listened to. Of course, they're the more liberal kind, reading the Bible every once in awhile but still like getting wasted on the weekends and partying it up.

I find that trolls usually do the work of showing how stupid Christianity us.

Anonymous said...

I keep on wondering if the christian fucker might show up in this thread yet.

SpaceMonk said...

I think engaging him would be best.
It might not have an effect on him, but it may get through to the many people passing through and seeing how all their arguments are refuted.

Roger O'Donnell said...

I actually voted ban, even though my rep is mockingly engage... I quite enjoy watching them squirm a bit..

I probably have engaged this one, but tbh, who the hell remembers? I certainly don't recognise the names listed... he can't have been an overly entertaining troll boy...

resonate11 said...

This has been one of the fundamental problems facing humans throughout the world throughout history: What to do when confronted with an adversary? There are five alternatives: fight, flee, submit, convert (adopt their values and customs), or resist passively.

Trolls, by definition in this context, are adversaries.

Sooner or later, in the real world, fighters--both individuals and groups like tribes and states--always lose. Even the strongest empires are always eventually defeated.

Nevertheless, all of us are probably the descendants of fighters. In cyber space, fighting is engaging. It is standing proud and defending our positions. I prefer engaging nicely. Others prefer engaging harshly.

Flight has it's limits as other species all over the world are finding out; as Iraqis are finding out; as Mexicans and Central Americans are finding out. Even in cyber space trolls would probably find us wherever we run.

Submitting in the case of trolls probably means tolerating them and mostly ignoring them. But throughout human history submitting meant slavery and/or annihilation. So intuitively it doesn't seem right.

Converting isn't an option for us. We know too much to ever accept Christian beliefs again. Most of us can't even fake it any more.

Jesus (I am referring to the literary character, not some actual historical person) and Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. and others advocated for passive resistance. That is, using non-violent means to persuade the aggressors to change their desires and thus their ways. Kissing the trolls just might do the trick!

But I voted to engage. Though in practice, I usually ignore. I voted to engage because it seems like groups are more likely to survive if they actively fight. Yes some groups like many native American tribes were exterminated when they fought. But none of the other strategies saved many other native American groups from extinction either. And I repeat, all of us probably had forebears who fought for survival successfully enough to permit our existence.

Anonymous said...

I say we don't ignore none of them. If we ignore christian trolls we would be turning the other cheek like these pussy christians teach.

I say we engage them and kick their asses by shredding their argument and debate to pieces. I personally enjoy seeing christian trespassers being disrespected and I especially love it anytime they get all angry and pissed off and all they know how to do is start quoting bible scripture one verse after the other because they know they have lost the fight.

I say we don't ignore them. Plus I enjoy a good fight on here with some christian prick.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't do like they they did back in the day and throw their asses to the lions. Then they would know what real persecution is.

eel_shepherd said...

Although I vote "Engage him", I also think that the question is analogous to wondering what to do about a piece of dogshit that you didn't step in.

Engaging them, in my world, really means using them as a straight-man, so in a way the case for deleting their comments would be a matter of self-interest: it would be one less opportunity for my sadistic streak to manifest itself.

My real vote would be to delete the comments of the ones who are actually mentally ill, like Marc, since as a species we should have evolved beyond watching cockfighting and touring the asylum laughing at the patients; but keep the ones who have a functioning mind which at some level they might be struggling to jumpstart. Every ex-Christian has a day they can mark on the calendar as their last day of Christianity. The first day of Spring follows the last day of Winter.

Anonymous said...

I voted to ignore. Posters like the one we have voted on typically thrive on attention and so we shouldn't give him any. Part of me would like to see him banned because his behavior is starting to disturb me more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

This is my goofy idea of the day. How about creating a new section called something like “The Troll Pit” to which those annoying posts could be moved as soon as they are spotted (or reported), with only the name of the troll and a marker (“Moved to the Troll Pit”) left in place in the original blog thread? That way, those who want to discuss the blog topic won’t be irritated by having to trudge through a lot of troll poop and those who want to laugh at or argue with the asylum inmates can go over to the Pit to do so. It would require more work on the part of the site moderators and webmaster, but it might be a fun thing to try. Or, it might just be goofy.

Anonymous said...

Notabarbie Said:
"Posters like the one we have voted on typically thrive on attention and so we shouldn't give him any. Part of me would like to see him banned because his behavior is starting to disturb me more than anything else"

I personally think it is funny to see the person get so pissed off.

When they start quoting one bible scripture after the other, that just proves that they have lost control of the conversation and that we have got the best of them.

It gives me quiet a bit of satisfaction to see a christian lose control like that. It also shows just what a dumb ass most christians are.

twincats said...

I really kind of like Thakerie's goofy idea of the day.

I was really torn over what to vote for because some days I come here just to see if there's a troll being engaged and other times, I can't be bothered with them.

Thackerie's idea, if it's a feasible one, seems to be the best of all worlds.

sconnor said...

We mustn't censor these trolls. The world needs to see how desperate, depraved and delusional some of these Christians are. Maybe the webmaster could have a separate, "special" archive for them. Maybe instead of posting their comments directly with the new posts, the webmaster could create a link to a separate archive where they could be viewed -- if one wishes -- and subsequently debated, argued with, ridiculed or berated.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I have never really agreed with WM deleting christian posts, and here is why I don't agree.

Others need to see what these christians are saying so they can also see how Non-believers are able to strike down their arguments.

Anytime WM deletes christian posts it makes the debates to appear one sided in my opinion. We need to be able to show and prove that the christian argument can be defeated.

Hope I made sense.

JimB said...


Huey said...

I can't speak for all of them but the posts that I have seen deleted needed to be. They were filled with vemenous hatred and my only regret is that the WM could not delete the poster as well. By the way, I voted "engage". I love doing it and it is a teaching tool. I do learn from it. Like the others I don't like have that POS book of theirs thrown in my face like it really means something, but to learn to deal with their vitrolic half truthes and idiot logic, we have to engage them.

Anonymous said...

From Huey:
"the posts that I have seen deleted needed to be. They were filled with vemenous hatred"

That's one of the other reasons why I feel they should not be deleted. They should be left there just so others can see the hatred that christians spew.

Astreja said...

I voted for "ignore", although my own tendency is to "engage with extreme prejudice".

As much as I enjoy the occasional curb-stomping rant, it isn't doing a damned thing for my anger. Já, engaging the trolls is fine for bringing out anger; just not for moving beyond it.

On one forum of my acquaintance, whenever the DNFTT flag goes up everyone starts posting recipes or math problems... Discussing anything *but* the topic the troll wants to talk about.

In a similar vein, perhaps we could continue to attack the issues raised in the original topic, but analyze it in such painful detail that it leaves no place for the unwelcome visitor to stand.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the site purpose and diclaimer should be ammended to reflect the true purpose of this site. Bitching and moaning.

boomSLANG said...

Perhaps the site purpose and [disclaimer] should be [amended] to reflect the true purpose of this site. Bitching and moaning.

Perhaps---followed by, if you don't like our "bitching and moaning", you are under no obligation to subject yourself to it---or put in bitchier terms: Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

But you guys feed me so much. Oh, I'm stuffed already.

Anonymous said...

Trollman Said:
"But you guys feed me so much. Oh, I'm stuffed already."

Since you are stuffed, can I eat the rest?

I'm quiet hungry myself.

Anonymous said...


There is plenty here for both of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the mood for some dessert, I think I will have some chocolate covered "Fuck Yous" with some "Go to hell" Cherries and whip cream on top.

Anonymous said...

Engage them in debate, I say. Most of them can't stand the heat of a good debate and leave after dropping a load of nonsense at our doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Trollman, we have every right to bitch and moan after being brainwashed into believing into the absurd doctrines of the christian faith. Personally, I was a catholic for about twenty years and a christian for about fifteen more. I'm glad to be free of it.

Do you consider yourself to be a "follower of Christ?" If so, then, what do you suppose Jesus would do upon visiting this website? Would he come in as you did, arrogantly, thinking he's hot shit, with an attitude as though he is somehow special in God's eyes and the rest of us are scum? That is the way that you have presented yourself. Read your gospels, trollman. You're a bad christian! Bad! Bad! Your shit stinks, man, and you don't even realize it. Behave yourself.

Would you care to debate the gospels? I will rip your belief in "salvation" to shreds and use the teachings of Jesus to do it...

Christianity is nonsense, trollman. Wake up and smell the coffee. You people aren't "saved," and nobody is going to burn forever...

Anonymous said...

Remember, trollman, "what would Jesus do?"

Christianity is nonsense...

Anonymous said...

Trollman, perhaps you might be able to answer a few questions I've had on my mind which caused me to leave christianity to begin with.

If it's true that a christian is "saved" for having once "accepted Jesus," then how do you explain Matthew 23:13 where Jesus is quoted as having said "woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites. for you have shut up the kingdom of heaven against men. for you neither go in yourselves, nor suffer ye to allow others that are entering to go therein." This is not an exact quote, since I don't have my bible with me. Look it up for yourself! The second line in said passage shows Christ referring to entry into heaven in the present tense, disregarding the afterlife altogether, by saying "for you neither go in yourselves..." and "...to allow others that are entering..." What do you make of this? What is your opinion? Do you have an opinion, or do you have to ask your preacher? Do you suppose ANYBODY has the answer to my question? Could it be that the "heaven" to which Christ is referring is comparable to the Buddhist "nirvana" which Buddha experienced in his deep meditations? It is interesting to note that said passage occurs before the death and resurrection, which is necessary for "salvation" according to the christian church. Apparently, if one is to believe this, there is some way into heaven, according to Christ in Matt. 23:13, which is clearly not "accepting Jesus!" Don't take my word for it, read the passage yourself.

That's just for starters. The gospels are filled with such passages.

Regarding the death and resurrection of Christ, Have you ever noticed in first John 2:2 where John, who wrote the gospel of John (according to the King James version of the bible,) is quoted as having said "Christ is the propitiation (sacrifice) for our sins, and not for our sins only, but for the sins of the whole world." Christ, throughout the gospels, tells us that we go hell for our sins. The church tells us that we go to hell by choice and the choice is whether or not to "accept Jesus."

To summarize, then, We go to hell for our sins, then Christ dies as a sacrifice for the sins of the world, then we still go to hell, according to the church, unless we "accept Jesus."

The only answer to this is that it is the church that condemns us to hell forever, not God.

Your doctrine of eternal punishment in hell appears to be man-made, now. No surprise there.

Do you believe that everybody went to hell for four thousand years before Christ came and there they remain where they will burn forever? This is absurd nonsense, trollman. You should be ashamed of yourself for believing in something as absurd as christianity. Bad christian!! Bad! Bad!

If it is true that a christian is "saved" for having once "accepted Jesus" then why do the gospels tell us that one may be "saved" by "confessing with your mouth that Christ is lord and believing that God hath raised him from the dead (again, not an exact quote?") Is this a second way into heaven? a third, perhaps, since Christ appears to have taught some other way into heaven, actually. If it's true, then what does it mean to "accept Jesus?" Does it mean to "accept him into ones heart as ones personal lord and savior?" Would this not suggest that there is more to "salvation" than merely "accepting Jesus," as the church would have us believe, since one must "accept" him as "lord and saviour?" Why would this be so? Is a christian "saved," or not?

I could go on and on, but I'll do so only after you've answered my questions, trollman. I wonder if you are even capable of honest, intelligent debate, or if you are merely capable of being an "asshole for Christ."

The bible is a screwed up mess, and christianity is nonsense.

Anonymous said...

As I've pointed out before, when I say that christianity is nonsense, I mean no disrespect. By nonsense, I mean it does not make sense.

To believe that a "just and loving God" would cast "his" own children into burning, fiery torment forever does not make sense, for example.

Christianity is nonsensical, therefore, christianity is nonsense.

Will you stand up and defend your beliefs trollman, or will you stand there with your foot in your mouth?

The same goes for you, please share trollman. Will you defend your beliefs, or will you simply show us what a prick a christian can be?

Anonymous said...

Remember, christians, the whole world is watching, since we are on the internet. Can you defend your beliefs, or can't you?

Anonymous said...

WWJD indeed. Would you die on the cross for my sins, trollman? How about you please share trollman?

I invite any christian out there in the world to come and convince us that christianity is anything less than the sham that it appears to be...

Anonymous said...

"Could it be that the "heaven" to which Christ is referring is comparable to the Buddhist "nirvana" which Buddha experienced in his deep meditations?"

Are you saying that Kurt Cobain was a Buddhist?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't know what Curt Cobain believed or disbelieved.

Anonymous said...

Trollman and friends (fiends?)

Christ loved everyone and shunned religion and government. He loved whores and little children and lepers and the poor and innocent. He said to "love your enemies," He said that there would be false teachers in his name. The bible says that if one says "I know him (Jesus) and keepeth not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him." Christ said "many will come to me in that day, saying 'Lord, Lord,...etc. etc."

Again, I could go on and on, trollman.

We here are those your churches don't want. Here you will find atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, witches, new agers, homosexuals, lesbians, buddhists, occultist, etc. etc.-we share a disbelief in your religion. We meet here, respectfully, of each other. We are the ones that your church might consider to be "damned, (or "saved" since we once "accepted Jesus!" More nonsense on the part of the christian church)" Even according to your beliefs we must exist. We are the heathen! Somebody's gotta burn in that old lake o' fire!

You christians have your meeting places and plenty of them. We don't go into your places of worship and mention the absurdities of christianity! Have a little respect, please.

Be honest, trollman and company, have you ever just gotten a good belly-laugh out of christianity?

I'll give Billy Graham credit for his honesty. He once admitted that he could not understand everything in the bible.

Are you familiar with the history of the bible and of the christian church, trollman?

We've got plenty of info on your book and your religion here, I'll have you know. We tend to know the bible better than christians do, too.

Anonymous said...

There are many bible passages which the christian church conveniently ignores.

Anonymous said...

The only thing about arguing with christians is that we say the same things to them, over and over, and still they come and bother us.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago a billboard appeared by a major interstate highway in Dallas, Texas, where I live, saying something to the effect of non-believers going to hell. A billboard! At the bottom of the billboard the christian church was mentioned, of course.

trollman and fiends, as I said before, you christians have your meeting places, leave us to ours.

I see and hear so much christianity in Dallas. A large hotel on a major highway here has a ten foot simile of the ten commandments etched in their tablets standing at the entrance. A major franchise oil and lube shop refgularily has christian messages on its billboard facing a high trafic road. I once heard a person describing a robbery to me, saying that "The lord must have told those police officers where the burglars were, because those officers went right down the alley after them!" People routinely discuss bible prophecies and how they are coming true every day. A local sign painter with his own shop bears the slogan, "serving God by serving man." This is what it is like to live in the bible belt. Southern christianity is very strong here. Those who do not believe are somewhat isolated and quiet in their disbelief. There are countless christian churches here (perhaps millions) while I only know of two Buddhist temples, one Islamic mosque, one bahai temple, and several freemason locations. Again, you christians have your meeting places a'plenty and this is nearly all we have! Personally, I enjoy coming here and discussing the absurd and nonsensical nature of the christian faith and, frankly, getting away from you people!

Now, again, if you wish to visit, please do so respectfully.

Will you defend your beliefs, or won't you?

It's people like you, trollman, that drove many of us away from christianity to beging with.

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting this website for several years, now, and at this point I would like to toast the webmaster! Your website is great, Dave. I, for one, would like to know what efforts are underway to preserve it. It could be stored on a lot of exchristians computers, or even marketed and sold on disc! I'd buy a copy.

Your website really does help to liberate a person from christianity. It's a path I find I must walk daily, interestingly enough, having learned to believe in absurdities such as "the Lord is with me" from a very early age. I want so much to be free of christianity and it's difficult to do so in Dallas. On that note, if there any other ex-christians in DFW, I'd be interested in meeting them. Maybe we could go camping or to the movies or something. Maybe a baseball game.

trollman, I wish you could understand. I come here to get away from people like you.

Anonymous said...

"trollman, I wish you could understand. I come here to get away from people like you."

You sure don't seem to have anything else better to do with you time besides coming here bitching and moaning with your posts.

Thanks for the buffet Slingshot. I am so full that I have gained at least 50 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Good God Slingshot!

Take a Xanax dude! Chill out!

Anonymous said...

You were already quite full of nonsense when you came in here, trollman. Can you explain those bible passages?

Anonymous said...

You say that I am "bitching and moaning," have you read my posts? We have every right to complain after having our heads filled with the christian churches nonsensical doctrines.

Is that the best you can say, trollman?

It seems as though you are unwilling or unable to defend your faith...

Anonymous said...

"Can you explain those bible passages?"

"Is that the best you can say, trollman?"

"It seems as though you are unwilling or unable to defend your faith"

It wouldn't matter anyway, since you seem to have your mind made up about christianity. Besides, I'm having a really good feast right now considering that you are "Feeding The Troll" (Me).

Like the other poster said, you need to take a Xanax and calm down before the men in white suits show up and haul you away in a straight jacket.

I must say Slingshot, that you are quiet entertaining. You would make a great comedian. *winks*

Anonymous said...


Can you not tell this person is fucking with you?

Anonymous said...

The last REAL post from "Trollman" was on February 15th. I am he. The last several posts are from other person using that name.

Anonymous said...

I am the original trollman, so stop trying to fool others on here.

I suggest you stop copying my name.

resonate11 said...

"if there any other ex-christians in DFW, I'd be interested in meeting them. Maybe we could go camping or to the movies or something."

Slingshot, are you aware of the North Texas Church of Freethought? They have many exchristians among their members. They also have a group that goes to the movies together.

From their web site:
"Like other churches, we explore all the most puzzling problems and questions of the human condition - but through the eyes of reason!

"Our monthly services are held on the first Sunday of every month at the Wyndham Hotel DFW Airport North in Irving, located at the corner of Hwy. 114 (John Carpenter Freeway) at Esters Blvd. and we start promptly at 10:30 AM."

I am sorry but I don't know how to insert a link in this format. But here is the URL http://www.churchoffreethought.org/

Anonymous said...


"you seem to have your mind made up about christianity." Well, at least you've shown you've got something intelligent and worthwhile to say. I had my doubts.

As far as feeding the troll (you)I suppose you must be hungry for some integrity after being fed the nonsense your church feeds you.

Dine away!

resonate11, thanks for the info. Maybe I'll look them up.

Joshua James said...

I claim christianity and I enjoy a good debate. i also like this website. I encourage you to either "ignore" a christian or "engage" them, if they have thought at all, they should have a convincing argument for their belief.

The End of Religion!? The New Age Reformation

darthwonka said...

Ex-Pastor Dan:"It made me kind of sick inside to here it all again. I come to this site for healing, comfort and reality. I think it is a big waste of time and energy to argue with these pin-heads. They are not here to reason and discuss."

I agree with you on these points. I come here to encourage and be encouraged with others who have taken the red pill and joined reality.

However, I voted to ignore. Every post they commit just makes me more thankful I am free from it. And yes, sometimes it is good debate and I want to try and throw a point or two in.

I am completely capable of ignoring or confronting posts as the mood strikes me. I do wonder about the newly freed minds, but as was mentioned, I am sure they deal with this IRL on a regular basis. The difference is that there are folks here to encourage them and perhaps even help to ward off some of the mysticism.

Anonymous said...

You folks will never be able to ignore people like me.

Webmaster, Boomslang, Atheisttoothfairy, Leotracks, Phant, Astreja, and Trancelation would absolutely die if they did not reply to my posts. All of you love a good argument. None of you can resist replying to my posts.

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