Religion? No thanks. I'll just continue in my atheism

By Bob Patterson

1: I don't believe in a god because I have yet to see, hear, or feel one. Neither have I seen any credible evidence that anyone else has.

2: I don't believe in your god because there are thousands of gods... What makes your god (out of 10,000 gods) the 'real' one? Ever notice that believers follow the religion of their parents?

3: What is the evidence for your god? If you tell me the bible, I'll have to assume you never read it. Much of the bible is the rantings of maniacal lunatics. Is that the best your god can do?

4: If, in fact, your god is the factual real McCoy, 100% of the world would know it.

5: Why does your god get all the credit for everything perceived as good, but never any blame for what isn't?

6: If your god is so great and so powerful, why is there still disease, suffering and birth defects?

7. Only 1/3 of the world's population are in 'Christian nations' which, of course, are only partially Christian?

8: If God is in fact the father of Jesus, what possible benefit did having him murdered provide? Was this for God's benefit? Let me see if I understand this: God, the judge and jury as well as the father of the defendant decides that killing his own son to satisfy the judge (himself) will somehow make the following generations liberated from a condition they never created in the first place? Do Christians ever bother to read this? Doesn't this strike you as the most idiotic logic you ever heard?

9: God seems obsessed with homosexuality. I have to agree, I don't understand it, either, but SO WHAT? So two like sex individuals like each other. I could care less, It doesn't bother me, so why doesn't God have any tolerance? This makes ME clearly more tolerant than your so called 'loving god' I see that God called Jerry Falwell home. Good riddance, Who needs all that hatred? He was a boring ass anyway.

10: Christianity is perpetuated by instilling into young children the dogma of belief'. Not surprisingly, all religions do the same thing. Instead of such indoctrination, one should present all religions as well and skepticism to your children, and then allow them to make an adult decision at such a time as they are mature. I was fortunate, my parents, being of differing religious backgrounds, did this FOR me, and I selected two different ones (Pentecostal at first, and then Methodist) then at age 17, I rejected all religion as superstitious mythology. That was 56 years ago. I tremble to think what I might be, today, had both my parents been fundamentalists! Parental respect may overpower reason and logic. I believe that parental respect frequently transposes into the need for a loving and caring 'Daddy for adults' (God) and the greatest of all myths is perpetuated ad infinitum....

Conclusion: The Christian (biblical) god is an intolerant, maniacal, murdering thug and only selectively tolerant or loving. I would encourage all devout believers to read your bible objectively and then read about the worlds humanitarian atheists (No, not Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao Se Tung), I mean Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Thomas Edison and a thousand scientists who all reject your god. I further conclude that morality has nothing to do with religion, Al Capone attended mass regularly... So did most of the mafia. What about the $3.3 BILLION dollars the Catholic church has paid out for pedophilia claims? How moral is pedophilia? How moral is Christianity?

Why do so many humans need a god? Are we predisposed with some gene that makes us want a god? Is religion more cultural than genetic? Would humanity be better off without religion, or is it some sort of a necessity that fills a need? Some cultures are very non religious, yet the US is a very religious nation. The world's population cannot agree on which god or religion to agree upon. Until new data is available, I'll just continue my atheism.


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