The theory of evolution... only five minutes.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but they skipped rather a lot between the early Triassic and the rise of man.

Anonymous said...

Well made video, shows a good visual overview of the theory.
For your next video please show:
how nothing becomes something
how inanimate becomes life

Oh wait, science has proven these never happen, maybe try:

how male and female came to be (a terrible survival technique)
how the most advanced creature grew a conscience (a terrible survival technique)
where are the missing billions of transitional fossils that your video depicts
(they look cool, but why are they still imaginary)

SEO said...


If the separation of the sexes is a terrible survival technique, isn’t still terrible regardless of the mechanism of it's arising be it abiogenesis or divine intervention?

Huey said...

Anony just because the theory of evolution doesn't answer every possible straw man question that can be posed, doesn't mean the entire theory is invalid. Nor does that premise even begin to provide proof for god. Science has never proven that life cannot arise from inanimate matter.

And who said that sex is a terrible survival technique? It happens to be a superb survival technique. One sex can concentrate on the birth and care of the young while the other provides the food and protection.

How does having a concience have anything to do with survival? That was a moronic question.

Finally the reason scientist have not found the "billions" if such a number exists, is that they have not broken apart every rock formation and dug up every acre of soil on this planet.

Try reading up on REAL science and not that stupid drivel put forth by evangelists with fake doctorates before you come here to talk to us.

Anonymous said...

You know, Anonymous, if you actually took the time to learn about the scientific method you'd realize how ignorant you sound.

You do realize that science doesn't 'know everything' about gravity either, don't you? So maybe we should just toss out that theory along with evolution.

(Breaking out my tri-cornered hat and clanging my bell)
"HEAR YE, HEAR YE! I officially now proclaim it safe for anyone to jump off the roof of their home, out of a plane, or to drop an anvil on a coyote's head. Gravity is hereby deemed invalid because science doesn't understand it thoroughly enough."

Judas Fucking Priest, this argument is tired--do your fucking homework and read a little science from an actual scientific source, not from your church propaganda, will ya?


Spirula said...

I'm not really going to address anonymouse's fallacious and idiotic drivel, but there is one claim that I want to point out

where are the missing billions of transitional fossils that your video depicts

Can someone, anyone, find a quote where any evolutionary biologist has claimed there are billions of transitional fossils? I teach genetics and evolution. I don't know of anyone who claims this. Evolutionary theory asserts there will be transitional forms, but no prediction of how many will fossilize. Do these people even have a clue as to what fossilization is, or how and where it occurs?

(I suggest to anyone interested, the first few chapters of "Your Inner Fish" for nice summary on the basic geology of the fossil record, how it is used, and how it led the author to find the transitional fish-to-amphibian fossil Tiktaalik.)

sconnor said...

I'm glad you are here. I have a question for you. Am I wrong to assume that we came from "fish". I understand water was the primordial glue but isn't it grossly, too simple to say we came from fish. Do we just call them fish out of convenience? Would it be more appropriate to say we came from something like fish -- some completely different species -- but not to be confused with modern day fish? And am I right to assume the animal we came from wouldn't be the same animal that produced the dinosaurs or other creatures? I have gone to a lot of evolution sites, but it really is vague on this topic. I actually look forward to reading "Your Inner Fish" but I was wondering, isn't that a misnomer? Would gladly except any info from your expertise. Thanks

Anonymous said...

You do realize Anon, that all fossils are transitional? We are a transitional species to, for whatever comes after us.

Spirula said...


Actually, "Your Inner Fish" is directed toward answering many of your questions so I'll be brief and try no to spoil anything.

Lobe finned fish (Crossopterygii)are considered to be the ancestors of all tetrapods; four legged, terrestrial animals(including those who have subsequently returned to an aquatic life, such as whales, seals etc.). Crossopterygii (only living example is the coelacanth), are not that closely related to modern day ray-finned bony fish, the Telosts, but are more closely related to the lungfish.
So, yes we are not closely related to the modern bony fish, but all terrestrial tetrapods have a common fish ancestor.

As to the reason for the title "Your Inner Fish", I'll leave it to the author of the book to explain why he chose that title (first chapter).

Anonymous said...

Evolution is a bunch of Bullshit.

Astreja said...

Very true, "I don't buy it" -- The bacteria in cow feces do in fact evolve. Thanks for a fine example.

webmdave said...

"Evolution is a bunch of Bullshit. " Therefore, God exists!

-- Argumentum Stupidium

Cousin Ricky said...

Good points:

The video illustrates how fine, incremental modifications over millions of years can add up to spectacular changes. Or in more naïve terms, how micro-evolution leads inexorably to macro-evolution.

It gives a sense of the time scales on which the changes took place.

Bad points:

The video shows an individual animal evolving. While this is effective at demonstrating changes, it also perpetuates a grievous misconception of how evolution works.

As Chucky mentioned, the video skips a lot of human evolution. It makes a lateral skip from the mammal-like reptiles which dominated the Permian Period to the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, and who can blame them? However, it completely ignores the transitions from mammal-like reptile to mammal, from mammal to primate, and from primate to ape.

In summary:

The video is a decent overview for people who understand the basics of evolution, but may be useless or worse for people like our anonymous friend who get their “science” information from preachers.

Anonymous said...

Scientists claim to have found the fossil of a giant toad in Madagascar. They say it is millions of years old and that it had teeth and armor and was the size of a dinner plate. They say it could have eaten dinosaur hatchlings. They are calling it beezelbufo, which means “Devil Toad.”

What more proof do you need that evolutionists are evil and indeed worship Satan?

Anonymous said...

The video looks to be a compilation of evolutionary shots from a show I just watched on the history channel called something like "Before Dinosaurs" or "Life before Dinosaurs".

While a nice compilation, it most definitely was not meant to show the evolutionary path of humans but how life moved from the oceans onto land and then into the great lizards.

Anonymous said...

.:webmaster:. said...

"Evolution is a bunch of Bullshit. " Therefore, God exists!

No, I did not say that WM. I'm saying that I believe evolution is not how it happened.

Astreja said...

"Very true, "I don't buy it" -- The bacteria in cow feces do in fact evolve. Thanks for a fine example."

Good point also Astreja.
Maybe we all came from a pile of cow shit instead of fish or monkeys.

The Dun-Beatles from the cow shit later on turned into cows, and then they turned into humans.

Two of the four legs became arms, and the other two remained legs, and the hoofs of these animals grew toes and fingers.

How about that example of how human life came into existence? Why shouldn't my theory be considered valid?

Astreja said...

'Nony: "They are calling it beezelbufo, which means 'Devil Toad.'... What more proof do you need that evolutionists are evil and indeed worship Satan?"

Methinks thou needest a remedial course in Semitic languages, luv. The first part of the toad's name is derived from Ba'al, which means "lord".

So what you've got there, m'dear, is "Lord of the Toads."

(hears a startled buzz as Lord of the Flies goes scurrying for cover under a pile of Chick tracts)

Anonymous said...

I don't buy it Said:
"The Dun-Beatles from the cow shit later on turned into cows, and then they turned into humans."

Wait a minute! Aren't you getting the cart before you get the horse?

How did the cow shit turn into Dun Beatles, and then into cows if the cows weren't even around yet?

Please explain your theory in more and better detail.

Astreja said...

I Don't Buy It: "Good point also Astreja. Maybe we all came from a pile of cow shit instead of fish or monkeys... How about that example of how human life came into existence? Why shouldn't my theory be considered valid?"

Um... Because you need cows to produce cow poop, perhaps?

I posted that link to indicate that yes, evolution is real and yes, scientists can observe it happening right now in prolific and short-lived species such as bacteria. My own brother is one of those scientists. Having read excerpts of some of his research papers and related materials, I'm satisfied that organisms are not magically created and unchanging, but do indeed change into very different organisms over successive generations.

It can take as little as twelve minutes for a bacterium to reproduce itself, so in one calendar year it's possible to observe evolution by observing genetic changes in over 40,000 generations.

One theory regarding single-cell to multi-cell transition is that complex organisms begin as colonies of simpler ones. Differing environmental conditions on the inside and outside of a cluster (Light, heat, exposure to beneficial or harmful chemicals) will trigger a specialization process. For instance, cells adversely affected by NaCl may die out on the outer layers of a seaborne cluster, leaving a skin of dead cells and a few tough and prolific ones near the surface to maintain the skin.

And, after several billion years and a truly mind-boggling number of cells and generations (with unfit cells dying young), you will indeed get a cow capable of baking cowpies.

Ah, but now I can hear you saying "Yes, but where did that bacterium come from in the first place? A good explanation of self-replicating molecules can be found in The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.

webmdave said...

"I'm saying that I believe evolution is not how it happened."

OK, great. Guess what! No matter what piece or part of some scientific theory you reject or even purposefully remain ignorant of, or rebelliously deny, because it just might contradict some pet religious presupposition, you still won't be threatened with damnation. You'll be called an ignoramus, and if you maintain that attitude regarding all categories of modern education, then you'll be severely limiting your career opportunities, but you won't be threatened with eternal hell fire at the hands of an angry god.

Fair enough?

Oh, and when it comes to hating science, you’re in a good crowd. Martin Luther and John Calvin hated science.

"People gave ear to an upstart astrologer who strove to show that the earth revolves, not the heavens or the firmament, the sun and the moon....This fool wishes to reverse the entire science of astronomy; but sacred scripture tells us [Joshua 10:13] that Joshua commanded the sun to stand still, and not the earth."

[Martin Luther in one of his "Table Talks" in 1539]

"People give ear to an upstart astrologer [Copernicus] who strove to show that the earth revolves, not the heavens or the firmament, the sun and the moon. Whoever wishes to appear clever must devise some new system, which of all systems is of course the very best. This fool wishes to reverse the entire science of astronomy."

[Martin Luther, Works, Volume 22, c. 1543]

"Those who assert that 'the earth moves and turns'...[are] motivated by 'a spirit of bitterness, contradiction, and faultfinding;' possessed by the devil, they aimed 'to pervert the order of nature.'"

- John Calvin, sermon no. 8 on 1st Corinthians, 677, cited in John Calvin: A Sixteenth Century Portrait by William J. Bouwsma (Oxford Univ. Press, 1988), A. 72

"The heavens revolve daily, and, immense as is their fabric, and inconceivable the rapidity of their revolutions, we experience no concussion -- no disturbance in the harmony of their motion. The sun, though varying its course every diurnal revolution, returns annually to the same point. The planets, in all their wandering, maintain their respective positions. How could the earth hang suspended in the air were it not upheld by God's hand? (Job 26:7) By what means could it [the earth] maintain itself unmoved, while the heavens above are in constant rapid motion, did not its Divine Maker fix and establish it? Accordingly the particle, ape, denoting emphasis, is introduced -- YEA, he hath established it."

- John Calvin, Commentary on the Book of Psalms, Psalm 93, verse 1, trans., James Anderson (Eerdman's, 1949), Vol. 4, p. 7

Yup, you're in good company. As these to geniuses stated so clearly, the earth doesn't revolve around the sun, because Scripture clearly says that Joshua told the sun to stand still!


Anonymous said...

I now realize that humans did evolve from a pile of shit, because you atheists are living proof of that, considering that you are all full of shit.

I'm done here.

Cousin Ricky said...

I still don't buy it wrote: “I'm done here.”

You promise?

Joshua James said...

the theory of evolution doesn't bother me. Regardless, a christian can always just say that the process was guided and that is the reason for the lack of physical evidence. evolution is a non-issue for me.
"The End of Religion!? The New Age Reformation"

Anonymous said...

Cousin Ricky said..."You promise?"

NO! I don't promise.

I still say that anyone who believes that evolution is how life was created is full of shit.

These scientists along with you atheists think all of you have everything figured out when it comes to how life first started on this planet, however at the same time I'm sure God is sitting up there laughing his ass off at you folks, along with your silliness.

Evolution is more less a "man made way" of trying to run away and avoid God. You atheists can run all you want, but you cannot hide from God.

Astreja said...

We don't need to 'hide from God', Anonymouse. Your god does a fine job of hiding from us.

Although I find it telling that you envision your god sitting up in a Holy High Place, laughing at us. And you honestly think such a being is worthy of respect?

AtheistToothFairy said...

Anonymous wrote:
"Evolution is more less a "man made way" of trying to run away and avoid God"
OR....there is another vastly more likely possibility any-mouse.

It just might be that your god was "man made" instead and you are the one running from the obvious truth of what is known as REALITY.

ATF (Who will be waiting (forever) for the non-existent evidence this fundie has for his/her god)

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