Saving My Hymen for Jesus

Two girls sing about the benefits of saving it for the Lord! Written by Katie Goodman & Soren Kisel. Staring Katie Goodman & Sallie Sills. Edited by Aaron Brown. Directed by Ryan Stumpe.


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!! Cum to Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

At least 99 percent of these kids who make this promise to God to save themselves until marriage will end up having sex before marriage.

These so called, "Abstinence" programs are a joke. They don't work, and the success rate is very low, which proves that there is no personal God who has the power to help these kids remain sexually pure.

Anonymous said...

well if you are saving it for jeebus you will end up being old maids!


Anonymous said...

I remember several years ago when my girlfriend went to one of those "Abstinence Programs" in her church.

We were planning on getting a motel room and giving ourselves to each other until she went to that stupid meeting at her church. It ruined everything. She made her promise to God to save herself until marriage.

Then a year later after we broke up she ended up having sex with some other guy, and giving her virginity to him. Then that same guy ended up dumping her because all he wanted was a fuck. So much for her promise to God. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

"Come to me, all you who are hot and horny, and I will give you sexual healing."

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I broke out of that mindset!

Anonymous said...

Ewww! So it seems Jesus collects hymens and God collects foreskins from those who circumise for religious reasons. Interesting. But pervy and rather disgusting. (Wonder if there's a name for this type of kink?)

Steven Bently said...

Isn't that the premise behind christainity the intact hymen?

Had Mary's hymen been broken then there could not have been a virgin birth savior.

It been established by Mary that she was a virgin.."I hath known not of a man"

But with her fingers crossed behind her back..."I hath known not of a man, but of a young studd Rabbi, I hath known,"

There's a song that goes like this:

Should the hymen go unbroken in the sweet by and by.

Praise tha lard!

Stephen C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen C said...

Here we go again. Yet another wacky 'look at me!' conceit. And anyway, what on earth would JC want a hymen for? "Thanks girls, love the 'bald wigs'!" And, don't forget, Mary's would have given him 'trampoline-head' on his way out. Boinnggg!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried holding out and saving myself for the Lord. I was absolutely crushed when someone told me Jesus wasn't going to lick it for me.

Anonymous said...

Although it was adultry I'm soooo glad that I saved myself for the Lard!

It's ok for the lard to commit sexual sin such as adultry because he is God and it is ok for God to do so.

However it's not ok for you humans to do so.

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