Understanding divine justice

By Enjjpt

Let me get this straight...

God made man perfect in His own image. Then God put the perfect man and woman in a perfect garden to live for all eternity. God put a bunch of trees in the garden and declared one off-limits. Since man was made perfect in the image of God, he would be incapable of doing anything evil or wrong, he was perfect just like God. But since God is all-knowing, he knew even before He made the off-limits tree that Man would partake of it, and thus He is guilty of setting Man up for failure. This is no different from an adult placing a tray full of cupcakes in the middle of a room full of toddlers and telling them not to eat them and then getting angry when they do. No parent would expect children who know no better to obey such a command, because they understand the nature of children.

So God, in His just and righteous anger over His creation eating the fruit off of the forbidden tree, decides that the offense is so egregious, so heinous, that it is a capital crime of the highest order and sentences Man to death for his ‘sin’. Not only does he declare they will die as a result of their monstrous crime of eating a fruit, but he curses the rest of their natural lives to miserable suffering. To top it all off, He decides that Adam and Eve’s crime was so evil that He saw fit to curse their children and children’s-children to suffering and death in perpetuity for their sin. God’s justice is not very just at all…Would you advocate the death penalty for a jay-walking? How about shoplifting a pack of gum? According to God, violating any of His rules, no matter how small, are crimes worthy of death and eternal damnation.

God’s anger grew so furious at Man that He decided to start over and take a mulligan. So God, in His infinite wisdom, decided that slowly drowning all of His beloved creation like so many ants with a garden hose would be the best method of eradication. None were spared. The elderly, the just, the wicked, the men, women, infants, toddlers, pregnant women…all of them were drowned by their all-loving God. Not even the animals escaped the wrath of God, well except for two of each species that survived, but the rest were slaughtered without quarter. Christians call Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler evil for genocide, but God is still good and just after committing human-icide?!?

Fast-forward and the situation didn’t change much after God’s great cleansing flood do-over plan. God’s creation was still running a muck spoiling His perfect plan. So God decided that since His children were going to sin anyway, that to appease His anger many bloody sacrifices should be made to Him and that spilling of blood would make everything O.K. So for thousands of years animals had their throats slit over an altar in order to make God happy and that spilled blood forgave mankind of his ‘sin’ against his creator. This worked fine for a long time but alas, God decided that the animal sacrifices were not good enough anymore so he had to come up with a new master plan so he could forgive His creations ‘sins’ once and for all.

So God decided to make a perfect sacrifice of Himself, to Himself, to appease Himself. Brilliant! Since God’s justice for some odd reason required the spilling of blood, and according to his logic the more innocent the blood the better, God’s self sacrifice to Himself somehow appeased His anger and after that He could now be in ‘communion’ with Man. God made this sacrifice so His children would not have to suffer for an eternity burning in the everlasting torture and flames of hell, which He created in the fist place to send His children for their disobedience. Because God loved people so much He decided that he did not want to torture people forever so He took all of mankind’s sin on himself and forgave them, for free!

What a nice God he is, blood sacrifices and all. I think the flood and creation of Hell really demonstrates His 'Amazing Love'

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