A(nother) Letter to Jesus Christ

by Jon Castro

"Christ as King of Kings".Image via Wikipedia

To His Majesty the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

For years and years we asked, yet did not receive. Sought, yet did not find. Knocked, yet were never answered. Did we not ask enough? Seek enough? Knock enough? Truly you are a hard man, reaping where you did not sow and gathering where you have not scattered seed. In vain we rose up early, and in vain we sat up late. Your ear did not attend to our cries and in you we found no mercy. You set us in slippery places and cast us down to destruction.

Truly you are no Saviour of souls. In you there is not a shred of compassion – only a heart of hate. Jacob you may have “loved”, but Esau you hated. Billions like him have dropped into hell, ignored by you all their lives. Yet who was it who left the devil roaming around in the garden to tempt Adam and Eve? Who was it who put that tree there? You! In your massive foolishness, questionable omnipotence and sheer lack of benevolence, you presided over the biggest mistake in history. And the ripples just never stop: wars, rape, genocide, torture, abuse, murder, theft, arson, and all manner of other evils that have plagued humanity ever since. What is your excuse for all this?

You came for the few. Most never believed your message, nor did they understand your works. You did not open their minds to the scriptures; neither did you open their hearts to know salvation. They were left blind, destitute and lost, their destiny an eternity of fire. You withheld your Spirit from them, so that they could not repent or believe. You hardened their hearts, making them vessels of wrath fit only for destruction. None of their prayers were heard.

Where are the Christians? Where are the fortunate few? Where are they who believe in your dreadful works? Are they hidden within the ranks of a dying church? Have they disappeared from the earth altogether? When did two of three of them ever gather together in your name? Truly you have plagued the world with confusion and made the churches a laughing stock. This was brilliant work – a master stroke. As you sent an evil spirit to torment Saul, so may you send a multitude of them to torment the church! Surely then they shall love you and serve you all their days!

Who are you, really? You ignore the whole world. People pray for peace, yet nothing happens. People pray for strength, yet they grow weak. People pray for healing, yet you stand idly by. People pray for salvation, yet you refuse to grant it. You claim you have the power. You say you have the love. Yet you do not act. Then how can you be who you claim you are?

Why were you flummoxed about the fig tree? Surely you knew it was not the time for figs? Why were you astonished at the unbelief of the people? Surely nothing should surprise you. Why didn’t you know the date of your return? Are you really omniscient? In time, your prophecy about returning to earth failed. Your followers died out, and only an empty promise remained.

The sordid history of humanity speaks against you. With despicable cruelty you treated people in Old Testament times, acting like a petty, vindictive despot; lashing out over the slightest thing that got you annoyed. In the New Testament you were no better, with proclamations about eternal fire awaiting all who did not believe in you. In truth, it would be more honest to call your words and works the activities of a demon rather than those of God. You have proved to be untrustworthy, unconcerned, unrighteous, unloving and totally indifferent about the concerns of your subjects.

In short, you have been judged unfit to rule. We will not have you as king to rule over us. Mock us, despise us, or cruelly torment us, but we will not serve you, not now, nor in eternity.

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