The Things You Learn In Sunday School (Part 1) - Abraham Willing to Murder His Son For God

by MtlRedAtheist

This is the first in a series of videos I plan on doing addressing some of the violent, absurd and atrocious Bible stories being taught to children in Sunday School around the world today.

This one deals with the story of Abraham and Isaac. In the Bible, God wanted to test Abraham's faith by commanding him to murder his son as a sacrifice. Abraham was completely willing and plotted to kill his son, right up to the very moment that God stopped him, as he passed the test by showing his willingness to kill his own son. Children are taught that this is the type of faith they should have and that they should put God before everything, including their own children, even if it means killing them at God's request.

In this day and age, Abraham would be put behind bars for plotting such a thing and most people religious or not would agree that should be the case. When ever someone commits a murder in their god's name, most everyone regardless of religion or lack thereof know that the suspect is crazy. For some reason, Abrahamic religious people (Jews, Christians, Muslims) don't feel the same way about their beloved Abraham, even though his schizophrenic episode in Genesis is no different than any of the parents killing their children for God today. Hopefully, this video will encourage people to question this.

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