You're a Christian, Charlie Brown

by Neal Stone

We all recall the old Peanuts comic strip and cartoons. There is one scene that plays out many times. That is the scene when Lucy holds the football and Charlie Brown and then as Charlie Brown runs to kick she pulls it away at the last minute. This scenario happens over and over and Charlie brown falls for it every time.

Sound familiar? How many times I recalled God's promises that if I followed him and served him he would take care of my life only to yank the football away each time.

I remember going to the front of the church for prayer about not being employed and no direction in life and the church leader looked at me and said “You need to speak in tongues! (?)”

And then yanked the football away.

I remember a man praying for his wife who died of cancer. He was told God was working in mighty ways and would heal her. She died and then was told “It was God's will”

And the football gets pulled away!

I have had people look me in the eye and tell me God was gonna bless me in a mighty way if I just “did the right thing” and served the Lord and the church. I did serve the Lord and the church and nothing happened. I was still lonely and unhappy about my life.

And the football gets pulled away!

I remember how my brothers and sister were “living in sin” and the pastor and members pressured us to bring them to church so they could get right with God. When they finally came they were treated as outcasts and treated rudely by these same people.

And the football gets pulled away!

I remember the crusades and big events about the end of the world and that Jesus is coming soon being preached over and over. Each time there is a war, Jesus is coming soon, each time there is a financial crisis, Jesus is coming soon, each time a major disease comes around, Jesus is coming soon. Now the year 2012 is coming and we are hearing it again, Jesus is coming soon. I guess 1983, 1993, 2000 and 2001 didn't pan out so well.

And the football gets pulled away!

How many times must we hear God's promises, Jesus is coming soon, it's the “End Times”, give and god will bless you, If only you do the right....

And the football gets pulled away!

How do you spot a Christian? Look for the grass stains on their backs!

How do you spot a church leader/pastor? He's the one holding the football!

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