The Arrogance of Faith

by agnosticator

Once again, I am reminded of the primary difference between a "true" Christian and the rest of us. Here is a quote from a Christian in the forums:
"Christians are capable of greater levels of love than unbelievers. Not because of who we are; but because of God's work in our hearts."

This is an example of a common belief shared exclusive to believers. They are better than anyone else because God touched them and made them special. But not only special, God makes them superior in every way. They magically become more empathetic, more honest, more loving, and morally superior. Simultaneously, they possess a mean streak; an attitude that is palpable to those unlike themselves. This is the arrogance of faith.

The New Testament inspires this attitude through the doctrine of salvation. But this is only the beginning. The scriptures are riddled with words of arrogance masquerading as love and concern. There is a mean-spirited bitterness permeating the New Testament, and it is directed at the world.

Humans and the earth itself are evil and destined for everlasting destruction. But God loves us. God created "sin" but it is our fault for being born into it. If we don't believe, we will be tortured eternally. Some may believe hell is temporary rather than eternal, but we are still punished to death by torture. Yet God loves us.

We are called fools for being wise (i.e., intellectual or educated), while anyone who believes the New Testament's "good news" is called wise-even if he is not too bright. God loves us and wants to save us, but if you use the brain he gave might reject his offer. So, let us become fools for Christ!

The New Testament describes "wolves in sheep's clothing"(Mt 7:15) causing us "to believe a lie"(2Thess. 2:11), and to beware of "cunningly devised fables"(2Pet 1:16). But the authors are describing themselves. Furthermore, believers become "wolves in sheep's clothing" whenever they speak of their mean-spirited religion. They are killing us with kindness whenever they speak of salvation, hell and and the solution called god's love. They are not the solution. They are the problem. They are the liars, and the truth in not in them.

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