Bananas for God

by Neal Stone

This is a picture of bananas on a countertop.Image via Wikipedia

We have all probably seen the video by now of Ray Comfort using a banana to prove god's design and to prove that god exists. Yes I am now using god in lower case. This video is a hilarious video if you are dying for a good life.

Not only is he arrogant as hell, but that constant smirk of Kirk Cameron is really irritating as well. I guess it's easy to have faith when your loaded!

Interesting enough, he later apologized for the video. Why? Because the banana he used was engineered by humans. Yes, us humans created the modern banana you see in the local super market. Just an FYI, there is a video called “How does a monkey open a banana”. Hint, not the way Ray showed us.

My post isn't about the banana video. It's about something more important. His lack of research to back up his claim or belief. This is one of my main reasons for dropping Christianity. So many things were passed on to me by other believers only to discover later that the information was false or incorrect. Sources were never given, I was to accept what they said by faith alone. If I questioned these beliefs I was accused of not having enough faith and doubting god.

Whats funny is how the Bible actually commands us to “Study...rightly dividing the word of truth” and yet so many Christians fail to do just that. Its so much easier to just pass it on what you already heard from someone else.

Ray Comfort has big faith in god. No surprise being that he has all the money he needs to live. More than enough. It's easy to be religious and have faith when you have lots of money.

I am so sick of people spouting theories each time we have a war. Say “This is it!, Jesus is coming soon!”. I can think of one blow hard in a church in Lacey, WA that never shuts up.

It's funny how Ray uses man made objects to prove there was a builder of the universe. Using things we taught ourselves to do over the years and centuries to prove god exists is silly at best.

If god does indeed exist he would have left better evidence rather than leave us guessing. The Bible would have been clearer in its message, consistent and void of errors and contradictions. If god can control the smallest particle to the biggest sun, then surely he could manage a few scribes to get it right?

Yes I do know about the Coke can analogy. A Coke can filled with cola (man made) in a complex package (man made) with an easy to use tab (man made). Perhaps Ray needs to work harder on his analogies, like not using man made objects or creations.

So why target atheists anyway? Maybe its because they are a threat to his livelihood? After all atheists are growing in numbers and people are beginning to wonder where Jesus is. I came across a link the other day with some bar chart showing Jesus is coming back in 2009. I saved the link, because in 2010 I plan to e-mail the dude! I know I will get some excuse too. No man will know the day...blah, blah, blah!

You can lead Ray Comfort to the truth, but you can't make him think.

I guess not.

What, whack, whack! Damn coconut! Anybody got a sledgehammer?

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