The Judge

by Carl S

You are about to enter the court...

Every section of the courtroom is filled beyond capacity with murderers, kidnappers, rapists, and thieves, both petty and those accused of grand larceny. Also, there are child molesters, wife abusers, sadistic torturers, and all of their children.

The greatest judge, the wisest of all time, is about to speak. His gavel strikes and the room falls into silence.

At last, the judge speaks. “Everyone here is guilty, you and I know, and punishment should fall not only upon you, but your children and their children’s children. But I, in my superior wisdom and mercy, must deliver the best sentencing.”

Turning to the guards next to him, he says, “Take my son, spare him no mercy in torturing him, and see that he suffers the most agonizing death you can devise. Then bring me the news of his burial, so that those before me can go free.”

Facing those before him, he announces, “If I ever see any of these faces before me again in court, accused of a crime, only tell me that you believe that I had my son executed for you, and I will let you go free. But, for those who don’t or won’t believe, they shall suffer the most severe penalty I can possibly impose. Court dismissed."

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