A letter from Hell

by Lisa

Just in time for Halloween, a video to scare little Christian children into witnessing for Jesus.

My sister sent this video to me. Evidently, her 13-year-old daughter had received it from a friend, and my sister thought it was wonderful, and something that everyone should see and take to heart. She felt "blessed" to be able to pass it on!

As a thinking adult, I think it is laughable. But, I can see this scaring kids to death. This is exactly what many people on this site have said that they feared when they were kids--that a friend or parent or someone they loved would go to hell and they would never see them again after death.

How despicable is it that people would send this to kids? And how awful is it that they want those kids to scare other kids into joining them in ignorance and fear.

I really do have to un-friend my sister from Facebook. I've just about had it with her BS (bible shite).

Here's the video:

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