Why won't God heal amputees? Avoidance of the question...

by MtlRedAtheist

Why won't God heal amputees?

I observed that theists who try to respond to the question, tend to end up actually avoiding the question in their response and answering an unasked question. Could it be that they have no good answer for why their god refuses to heal amputees every single time, so they try to explain why they're god allows bad things to happen instead and hope we don't notice? I discuss it a little in this video and the reason why I think the question is important.


webmdave said...

God does heal amputees. Peter amputated the guards ear, Jesus healed it. Now why don't you put The question out there. Please if you have been healed by God post and prove it don't reply to something that can not be throughly substantiate.
Now as to you using the bible (what so ever you ask. Oh one more thing you took it out of context but that is to be expected ). Like I have we both must know that what it says can be proven to be what was written by the ones that seen it happen. So we know by eye witness account, that Jesus healed (fixed the guards ear) that was cut off. Those that seen it believed it to be just that a healing of an amputated ear. ( and this scripture is not out of context. ) So as to your question the same book has the answer.

webmdave said...

No, that was only a story. It has NEVER happened in real life and to think so is to live in a fantasy world. It cannot be substantiated that "God" heals amputees. The Bible cannot be proven, there were NO eyewitnesses, it is NOT an eyewitness account of anything, it is a series of midrash and rewritten mythology. Nothing more and we know nothing more than what I just said. Therefore you cannot get any answers out of the Bile because there is not factual truth to it. I really get sick and tired of Xians trying to insist there is. The fact is, creation never happened the way the rewritten versions of the Babylonian and Assyrian creation stories in the Bile portrays it, there was NO worldwide flood as stated in the Bile, and the rest just falls apart after that. It is ALL pure mythology.

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