Ali G vs. Kent Hovind

Da Ali G Show
does science. Ali G (Sasha Baron-Cohen) invited (now federal inmate and tax cheat) creationist Kent Hovind to discuss evolution. The show erroneously lists Hovind as a "Dr," but his "doctorate" was earned from an unaccredited diploma mill. By the way, Hovind believes in Unicorns:


Anonymous said...

Listening to Hovind talking about unicorns reminds me so much of listening to audio files of L. Ron Hubbard ramble on about the various Scientology teachings about space ships that look just like DC-10's, engrams, volcanos, alien species, etc., etc. Speakers of nonsense tend to sound alike, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

It is simply foolish to believe Darwinism these days. Recently, Dr.Stephen Meyer, a Cambridge educated scientist wrote an article in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Dr. Meyer said that biological information is so complex that only the Intelligent Design is the plausible solution for the explanation of its origin. The pillars of Darwinism is already shaking.

Dr. Hovind is in prison. But the Creation Museum of worth 27 million dollars is going to open soon in Kentucky with an estimated 2000 visitors a day.

So, we are going to see thousands of Dr.Hovinds around us. They are going to pillage every weed of Darwinism from the fields of America.

Anonymous said...

" So, we are going to see thousands of Dr.Hovinds around us. They are going to pillage every weed of Darwinism from the fields of America."

You dreamer, you. And if it did happen? Well, shit - I'd move to China, where the xtian nutbar percentage is less than one percent, and if America DOES go entirely xtian, well hopefully all the freethinking types will have also left, allowing only the stupid dumbasses left to be swallowed up in their ignorance. Paul, you're an idiot. And I have your posts to prove it. -Wes.

J. C. Samuelson said...

Paul, if you're going to be a troll, at least learn how to be a troll with some class & style.

The same ol' stuff gets boring.

Anonymous said...

" So, we are going to see thousands of Dr.Hovinds around us"... dragging their hairy knuckles on the ground, quoting scripture, all the while frothing at the mouth as they develop large catapults to launch bibles at China, who, by then, will be the standard by which the rest of the world is measured, given that America will be reduced to a decrepit and pathetic nation of religious "Hovind" buffoons. -Wes.

Anonymous said...

I know I might be 'feeding the trolls' - I apologize - but boy, oh boy - funny, funny stuff! -Wes.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of a Normal Bob Smith cartoon right now. Paul, standing beside his catapult staring at the sky as a bible splashes into the Atlantic, fifty feet off the shore! Yuck! Yuck! -Wes.

J. C. Samuelson said...

Of course, this Ali G show was recorded in 2004, before Kent became a 'martyr' for his faith (listen to his phone calls from jail starting here).

I don't usually like Cohen, but this one was pretty funny.

Telmi said...

Intelligent Design is a disguise for religious creationism. The argument for creationism was popular in the early years of Christianity and during the times of the Crusade and the Inquisition but started to go downhill from the time of the Enlightenment in the 18th century. Intelligent Design was defeated in several court cases in the US because its hypothesis has never been proven and never can be. Intelligent Design is not science and is nothing new; many eminent scientists have proven the falsity of the ID argument put forward by ID proponents eg Philip Johnson, William Dembski, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe and others.

So Paul, please update yourself through further reading. Don't live your life in the past.

If you think there is an Intelligent Designer, who can this Designer be? It cannot be the Bible God, surely? Because the Bible God, if you have read the Bible, is portrayed as a genocidal maniac, a sadomasochist, a capricious malevolent psychopath with a voracious, freakish appetite for animal sacrifice/blood, an egotist with fears and jealousy [fear of the witch and jealous of other gods or of the worshipping of other gods], a nincompoop who was totally blur or ignorant of his own actions and speeches and probably suffering from amnesia, etc.

If you are a Christian, I challenge you to read the Bible and then weigh what you have read against what people like me have been saying about this ass of a God. Savvy?

Anonymous said...

simple: If it takes something intelligent to design something intelligent, then nothing intelligent could have ever existed.

Dave8 said...

Paul: "Dr. Meyer said that biological information is so complex that only the Intelligent Design is the plausible solution for the explanation of its origin. The pillars of Darwinism is already shaking."

:-) Paul, I'm willing to accept intelligent design/creation as long as I am the intellectual equal to your "god".

You see, creationism suggests that there is a creator all right, but then they add the "other" stipulations, like... the creator must be of "higher" intelligence, and all powerful and supreme, etc. to humanity.

The creationist and evolutionist seek the answer to anthrogenesis... but only the creationist elevates the "progenitor" of human life, to be of "greater" importance, significance, and shall we say it... intelligence.

What the creationist may fail to understand... is that all thoughts; to include the thought of a god, is subject to the limit of human intelligence and understanding, and thus, can never "be" more than a literary product of human intellect.

So, Paul... why don't you present some "other" Dr. out there that can prove that there exists intelligence "greater" than humanity's. And for a follow up, why don't you try and figure out, how that Dr. was able to "comprehend" and discuss that something which took a "greater" intelligence to understand...

And, for extra credit... why don't you attempt to define what "intelligence" or "intelligent" is... so that you know what you are actually talking about... some may take your lack of knowledge while making statements as "insincere".

Anonymous said...

Unicorns must have been really special! One minute they're the epitomy of strength and power, the next, they're skipping around the fields.

That doesn't really sound like a dinosaur, or even an ordinary reptile to me. It sounds more like a....let me see. Yes!, that's it!It sounds just like a horse!, with a horn!

eel_shepherd said...

paul wrote:
"...They are going to pillage every weed of Darwinism from the fields of America..."

Once you start getting into weed pillaging, can the end be far behind?

re: unicorns. The Middle East isn't all that far from Africa, and it's not out of the question that someone from the time of the shcripshures (as Hank Hennagraaf pronounces it) might have seen a rhinoceros, or knew a guy who knew a guy ... who saw one. And maybe some gazelles too, and just counted horns and bodies and got his math wrong. Or just telescoped the two ideas together and voila, there's your unicorn. As far as skipping goes, one of the rhinos might have just taken a notion on that day. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a rhinoceros? Mighta just gotten bored that day and decided it was going to do something a bit out of character. Come to that, who knows what goes on in the mind of Kent Hovind?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. I thought Hovind was supposed to be this amazing Creationist man, yet he uses the idiotic and ignorant "Why don't monkeys have human babies" defense.

Anonymous said...

So people just can't understand how the complex natural world came into being, so they postulate an all-powerful, all-knowing god. In other words, the explaination of nature's complexity lies in an infinitely complex god. Now there's logic for you. I guess only cambridge -educated xristians can come up with that stuff.

pauley, I just posted at Wiping Our Asses. Go and read it. You can read, right? No, I don't mean chick tracts, I mean READ.

As far as all those hovinds around us.........pauley, we have them now. We are surrounded by cretins who worship a book written by a "bloodthirsty, capricious monster" (quoting Tom Jefferson) in which psychopaths like menachem are battlefield heroes and poor slobs like Onan drop dead because they didn't want to fuck their sister-in-law.

And when all your little hovinds come around, looking and acting like those brooms in Fantasia, I will have a welcome sign on my door and my 12-guage in my hand.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to enlighten you. Your statement above was one of default. Not having a better answer or no answer to a question, dillema or understanding does not default to "God". I think it's high time you admit that what you really worship is a "God of the gaps" in which every unanswered question or mystery must be the evidence of the supernatural.

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