If God is so good and powerful, why does evil exist?

By SailerFraud

It's possibly the oldest question in religion. If God is so good and powerful, why does so much evil and injustice exist in the world? After all, God created the universe, heavens, earth, and all living things on earth. The Bible says God defeated Satan and death, can do all things, and answers prayers.

Thousands of years later, evil still exists, even in the church. Crime, divorce, discord, embezzlement, theft, sexual abuse (especially against children), suicide, even murder.

The honest answer is that there never was a God, an invisible man who was watching you and answering your prayers. However, religion is based on lies that this invisible man who does all things except listen to your prayers. In order to cover up your first lie, you must produce more lies to cover up the first one. The Christian lies about faith, how God answers prayers when it was just coincidence and 1000 other times your prayer wasn't answered, and more logical fallacies.

Thousands of years later, this simple question cannot be answered by the Christians who worship this all-powerful God, and never will. If God can create the universe and all life, why can't this simple question be answered?

Actually, we atheists have the answer all along, that there is no God. But the Christian continues to follow the God of lies and non-existance.

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