Are all Christians brain damaged?

By Lorena

Consider the following paragraph from the CNN article, Brain-damaged people give insights into morality.

But when asked to make decisions in emotionally wrenching scenarios like the permissibility to kill one's own child to save other people's lives, those with the brain damage were far more likely to accept this utilitarian but harsh solution.”

Or is it Bible-God who is brain damaged?

According to the Bible, God did kill his own son to give life to us the wayward ones. Narrow minded Bible-God came up with the “utilitarian but harsh solution.”

The article further explains, “Another wartime scenario involved enemy troops searching for civilians to kill. The people in the study were asked about their willingness to kill their own infant whose crying was drawing the attention of enemy soldiers who would then kill the parent, the baby and people hiding with them. Again, the people with this brain damage were far more willing to judge killing the baby as the right moral choice.”

Here is another question, is Christianity the most immoral of all institutions, since its very foundation is the highly immoral act of portraying a being as perfect and also willing to give his son's life for others’ sake?

Aren’t you scared that at one time you, too, held up such “moral” values? I am.

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