Julia Sweeney -- Letting go of God

Julia Sweeney shares the first 15 minutes of her solo show at TED2006. The comedian and playwright created the SNL character "Pat," and wrote her own hit Broadway show "God Said Ha!" (produced also as a film). (Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA.)


SpaceMonk said...

Ah, so Santa Claus' gift of knowing who's been good and bad is just meant to keep kids in line until they reach the Age of Reason, then God takes over from there... It all makes sense now.

xrayman said...

You should have posted Ms. Sweeny's 30 minute audio clip on letting go of God. This video clip doesn't begin to tell of her deconversion. Her full deconversion story is informative and very entertianing.

Her audio download is on the main page of digitalfreethought.com
which is a great site by the way.

Valerie Tarico said...

The full show is available on CD at the store of the Freedom From Religion Foundation website. ffrf.com $20. Julia is absolutely brilliant -tender and smart and funny and inescapably lucid.

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