What exactly does atheism prove? Absolutely nothing.

By Dave, the WM

Scouring the web this morning, I fell on an interesting website that dismisses all the testimonies on this site as being fakes, fabricated by a large group of people with evil intentions. What would these horrible liars be? What else?! Atheists!

From that site:
I want you to visit the following site: http://exchristian.net/testimonies/.

There you will see people who allegedly leave Christianity and write about it. There’s only one problem. Its hard to believe that those testimonies are real.

The problem is that anyone can log on to the ex Christian site and make up some bogus “leaving” my religion testimony. And well its hard to believe it because there’s no evidence that its real. For all we know it could be atheists, jews or even Muslims who make this stuff up.

Before I provide the reference for that quote, I'd like to skip to another article on that site and provide another little snippet:
An atheist has no purpose, no salvation, no afterlife… its like this world is it and that’s all we have. But because of this, that means that the atheists can drink, smoke, do drugs, rape, murder, etc. After all they only have one life to live… so why not live it to its fullest? So a world without God is a world worse than a world with God… there’s nobody holding us back from doing evil… Imagine a world where no law or order exist…. That would be an atheist world. Atheism is the belief that no God exist… and its atheism that actually hurts people rather than helps them. When somebody becomes an atheist, that means they are free to do whatever they want. Eventually they destroy themselves… using drugs, sex outside marriage, lying, cheating, stealing…. All these are fair game to an atheist. After all whos stopping them from doing these things? Atheism destroys the soul… it gives it no meaning, no purpose.

OK, these are the same old tired pro-Christian "anti-atheistic" statements we've all been told a thousand times. So why bother to post them again? Aren't the Christians doing that plenty enough already?

Well, here's why: The quotes above, although they are nearly word for word what Christians have written nearly every week on this site, these particular quotes were not written by a Christian, and I thought that was interesting.

But if there’s more to this life? And that’s where Islam comes in.

Islam is the only religion on the face of this earth that actually has evidence for it. And it makes sense. There are no Chosen people, crucified saviors, idol worship, blind dogma…. It’s a religion that is beautiful, complex and makes sense if you think about it.

So I ask the reader…. Would you rather follow nothing or something? Would you follow something that is blind such as Atheism or Christianity or Islam, the only religion that has evidence for itself? The choice is yours.

Here's the link to the blog where these quotes were copied: http://islamicapologetics.blogspot.com

Assuming the blog author just doesn't understand comma use, it seems to me that what he meant to convey is that following Islam is following something. Conversely, Atheism, or even Christianity, when compared to Islam, is nothing.

I think Islam is every bit as ridiculous as Christianity. But, if I were still a Christian, I might have to pause and think after reading statements like this defending Islam. Would I just chock it up to Satan counterfeiting good Christian apologetics so as to cause confusion? When I was still a Protestant Christian, and I heard Catholics defending their latest apparition of Mary, I'd think they were either lying, or if they really had visions, the visions were just a Satanic counterfeit. Occasionally, however, when logic would prevail, Catholic stories of silly apparitions and idiotic miracles would make me stop and questions whether I wasn't just fooling myself too.

So, here's a question: Why would an Islamic adopt the apologetic rhetoric of fundamentalist Christianity? Is it Satanic counterfeiting? Is it because these "reasons to believe" are so persuasive? Or is it something else?

What do you think?

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