Atheism is my religion, and science is my god?

By Brett Keane


mothpete said...

OH and science, thank you so so so much for guilt free sex.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, another great video! I couldn't help but think how hillarious this would be if there were 2 people praying - one for god and one for science, and then playing off the faces or looks each gives as their prayer went unanswered vs answered.

Might provide a stark contrast set in reality.

Anonymous said...

And dear science, please incinerate Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its people.
Oh wait, you did that. Thanks, science.

boomSLANG said...

But U r blaming Science for the faults of man. U r angry at Science. Pleez except Science into ur heart.

(what's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander....the difference is, science actually exists)

J. C. Samuelson said...


You should know that a non-sequitur earns you no points here. In fact, a non-sequitur is no point at all.

Ian Parker said...

Please lets have some proper analysis.

Please do a proper multiple least square regression.

There are a large number of packages MATLAB etc. which do this for you.

USE THEM - you are clearly < 100

Long term could we have some conjoint analysis with a range a factors?

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother.

I just saw a miracle. Your face and voice appeared in my room and you spoke to me, in person.

Did you know I flew from Australia to Japan? It was a miracle (of science) and only took about 10 hours. Jesus walked on water? Hell I call fly through the air at 1100km/h 10,000 meters above the ground!

Just near my house is this special little building, the doors open magically when you approach it, the inside temperature is always constant and it is always day time inside. It has food on it's shelves, no matter how many people take the food, the next day there is food there again! I can exchange peices of paper for food.

Religion has a lot of catching up to do.

Brett (Robson)

Anonymous said...


I have counseled many of young girls who would disagree that your sex from science is guilt free.

gimmeadrinkawater said...

Thank you Lauren, i was going to let that one go. Science=guilt free sex, no.


Anonymous said...

Very clever...You've made a convert out of me.

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