An atheist talks to God

A short video by Cristofer7 in which he explains why he still sometimes talks to God.

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Bill B said...

I was never very religious, yet I prayed daily like an obsessive compulsive habit. I have been an atheist for about a year and a half now and every once in a while I will still, without thinking, say a quick prayer or I will say a prayer of thanks when something really great happens, but I will quickly laugh at myself and shake my head. As time goes by it becomes much easier to phase all that nonsense out of my life but for some reason I can never loose the expression, “Thank God.” I guess with that statement I use God as an all purpose metaphorical term.


Anonymous said...

I still talk to god. But, these days, it's never anything nice.

Doesn't seem to make any difference, though. He still doesn't answer

twincats said...

I believe that certain 'religious' habits have value; it's why I went to Wicca after I left Christianity.

The way I had it explained to me, the practices of I Ching, tarot and other such things aren't so much to tell the future, but (more like meditation) to connect a person to his or her own subconscious in order to find out the things we don't know that we know.

I think that talking to 'god' can perform the same function for ex believers and that's how I choose to look at all my former prayer and fortune telling exercises now.

eel_shepherd said...

Good video. Seems like this guy will not go very far wrong for very long in his life, as he is close to his experience in a very human personal way, and not spouting ideology or being a passenger on the dogma train.

Anonymous said...

After watching that video, I now understand even more why why some people would choose to be "Agnostic".


<<< I still talk to god. But, these days, it's never anything nice.

Doesn't seem to make any difference, though. He still doesn't answer >>>

It seems that complaints always go to his voice mail, and he never returns calls.

Anonymous said...

"It seems that complaints always go to his voice mail, and he never returns calls. "

would you want to talk to someone who complains all the time? I probably wouldn't call them back either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
"would you want to talk to someone who complains all the time? I probably wouldn't call them back either"
It keeps amazing me how OFTEN and for HOW LONG, you believers have placed HUMAN EMOTIONS upon your super god being.

If god gets upset from complaints, then he must have, not only that 'upset' emotion in him, but also can get 'TIRED' of hearing complaints to.

Your god continues to sound more and more HUMAN all the time to us.
One would think a being with infinite power and wisdom, wouldn't be subjected to internal driving forces like emotions, like we humans must deal with each day.

Face it, either your god is a WEAK god at best, or us humans made him up to be frail like we our in the emotion department.

The latter makes perfect sense, if you would just open your eye's and realize the obvious here.


hg said...

so are you saying God is an emotionless robot? hmmm. interesting. you're also implying that emotions are a sign of weakness.

also aren't you forgetting the possibility that God made us, and not the other way around? that's pretty obvious to me, if you'd only open your eyes...

Anonymous said...

hg wrote:
>"so are you saying God is an emotionless robot? hmmm. interesting. you're also implying that emotions are a sign of weakness.

>also aren't you forgetting the possibility that God made us, and not the other way around? that's pretty obvious to me, if you'd only open your eyes... "

I'm going to save myself a lot of time and trouble here, by borrowing pertinent subject material on this god-emotion subject, from existing writings on the net, but first let's answer your last question here.

No, I'm certainly NOT forgetting that you xtians assume your god made us humans.
However, that is an assumption made by those who WISH to believe this is the case.
(I also have seen a few people that put the cart before the horse

There is no valid evidence that your god made the universe, all the life forms; including us humans, but there is a ton of evidence throughout human history to show humans created their god(s) from their own imaginations.
Surely for any non-xtian god that has been 'created', you would agree that humans formed this god, rather than all those many gods forming us, right?
So until YOU can PROVE otherwise, I'll just have to assume your xtian god came about via the same imagination methods as the many other legendary gods of our history.
However, feel free to continue in your personal god belief.

Okay, now about whether the xtian god has emotions or not....

Actually, it's very evident that the god of the bible has not only emotions, but at times, very strong (human) emotions.
Yes I am saying that for a god to have such emotions, would make him a WEAK god, if not an impossible god to exist.
It really makes sense that if a god is all-knowing, all-powerful and created everything in this universe, that it wouldn't ever be driven by the weakness of human emotions.

Yes this is MY opinion here, as I sure can't prove from empirical evidence, whether such a god would exist lacking emotions, anymore than you can prove that your emotional bible god exist.

So any conclusion here can't be made from examining any god-being directly, as if one does exists, it likes to stay incommunicado with us these days.

Whether lacking all our human emotions would make him a 'robot' or not, I'll say this.

A robot as we know it today, doesn't yet think in a human way, nor makes it's own non-programmed decisions. It doesn't change, unless it's pre-programmed to do so ahead of time. It does not hold opinions or make totally independent choices either. Any choices it makes are part of it's creator's programming.
This is not to say a robot of the future would be this way, but as robots exist today, a god with or without emotions, would not be like today's robots.

A better analogy over your robot analogy, would be to say that a god without human emotions would be more like Spock from Star Trek.
See how I helped you here....No thanks necessary HQ [g]

Now I can't really say what a god without emotions might be like, but I can greatly see the pitfalls of a god who has our human emotions.
The net material below will try and show you why the entity you deem as God, wouldn't exist emotionally, as he does in your bible fable.
The Omniscient is Surprised:
A God who knows everything cannot have emotions. The Bible says that God experiences all of the emotions of humans, including anger, sadness, and happiness. We humans experience emotions as a result of new knowledge. A man who had formerly been ignorant of his wife's infidelity will experience the emotions of anger and sadness only after he has learned what had previously been hidden. In contrast, the omniscient God is ignorant of nothing. Nothing is hidden from him, nothing new may be revealed to him, so there is no gained knowledge to which he may emotively react.
We humans experience anger and frustration when something is wrong which we cannot fix. The perfect, omnipotent God, however, can fix anything. Humans experience longing for things we lack. The perfect God lacks nothing. An omniscient, omnipotent, and perfect God who experiences emotion is impossible.
"God is supposed to be an infinitely powerful being. It is not possible to have any power or influence over an infinitely powerful being. It is not possible to effect God in any way.
I cannot make God angry, niether can I make him happy. If I could make God happy or angry, it would mean that I have some control over God's emotions. Thus, I would have some control over God. But such a God, whose emotions (anger) I can control, cannot be a God. When even a billion blackholes, which have the power to bend light, due to enormous gravitational attraction, cannot effect God, then can I, a 65 Kg man, effect God in any way? . But we know from our earlier discussion, that a being cannot be a God, if its emotions can be controlled by a human being.
To assert that Christians will go to heaven and atheists will go to hell, as most Christians do, amounts to no more than wishful thinking. God may turn around and do just the opposite because according to the Bible he has at times indulged in such ungodly emotions as revenge, hatred, cruelty and capriciousness. Regardless of what he does god is right because to think otherwise is to be judgmental.
The Christian God is by definition morally superior to human beings. So, god must know at least as much as any human being. But, so defined, god is as impossible as a round square or a two-sided triangle. To know at least as much as any human, god must know what it is like to feel such powerful emotions as jealousy, lust, hatred, envy, and rage. But when he does he ceases to be morally superior because it is precisely these emotions which serve to render us immoral. They are evidence of an imperfect character and god is, by definition, perfect.
To sum it up, god cannot be morally superior to human beings and at the same time know as much as they do.
What if three silly squirrels were chasing each other at the exact same moment that the World Trade Center was collapsing, crushing to death thousands of people? Would God, who is all-knowing, be simultaneously bearing a wrathful frown and a bemused smile? Wouldn't he also be weeping?

God's activities supposedly involve watching every human on the planet, monitoring their thoughts. So at any given moment, a beautiful baby is being born, someone is beating their wife, someone is making out a check to the ACLU and so on, times millions of people and that's not to speak of aggregate behaviors, nations, for example, behaving in ways that please or displease god. Meanwhile, there's no telling how many squirrels he might be watching, who would sometimes be doing cute things and at other times would be biting the hands of innocent little children or murdering the runt in their litter.

He would apparently be having an inconceivable range of simultaneous responses. What would it mean for him to be having an emotion, if he was having every possible emotion simultaneously? Do the emotions flit across his face at a crazy speed, leaving him to twitch and blink like a hyper-convulsive? Or does he experience the emotions in a profound cumulative state, so that his face is drenched in tears of laughter and sorrow and his mouth stretched into a bizarre shape that encompasses all rage, warmth, sympathy, grief, cackling laughter etc. I always thought of heaven as a tranquil place, with god sitting sagely on his throne, but perhaps he looks like an absolute lunatic.

Now, I'm sure HQ, that like your fellow xtians like to say to us, you'll just explain that your god can't be understood and works in mysterious ways etc..
What that really is saying is that your god not only hides from us physically, but likes to keep his true nature a secret from us lowly humans.
Funny, but don't the super beings of sci-fi shows also try and keep their weaknesses a secret, so they can't be overcome.
If your bible god exists, he sure sounds like he keeps us in the dark about his nature, so no human could discover his Achilles-Heal and over power him.

Of course HQ, the members of this website do NOT believe in your bible god, with or without those emotions, so the point of contention here is really moot.
We are debating a non-existent entity, one that only exists in the mind of believers.

Any other questions HQ?

ATF (who wonders if an emotional god stomps his foot when his human pets misbehave?)

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